I retract my fangs and  lick my lips. I drop the young mans body and sigh heavily. I lean back against the wall and watch as he stands up and walks off. "You're really getting the hang of that sort of thing, aren't you?" I spin pinning Death to the wall by his throat.

"What do you want?" I growl. He smiles a chill travelling up my spine but I strike back into his mind. He grunts painfully, glaring at me with his cold abyss eyes.

"I just came round to say hi to my little girl" Death breaths. I release him and he drops lightly onto his feet. He twists his neck then smiles at me stepping up stroking my cheek. "How are you these days? Still having nightmares?"

"You fully know well I am" I growl striking him telepathically once again. He stumbles then pulls himself together with a cocky smile.

"How's Robin? Not seen him around in a while" Death says stroking his cheek while pretending to think back. I bring my hand towards Death's cheek but he catches it and pulls me into his arms. He tilts his head so its close to mine. "Oh sweety, being my equal in some way makes you so tempting"

"I can control you that doesn't make you my equal" I say making him step back and away from me. He sighs yet shivers with fear.

"Come on, sweety. You know I could quench your thirst for much longer than any" he looks at the body on the floor. "Human" The distaste in his voice is so obvious.

I know he's right and I need my thirst to be quenched if I'm to hang around Elioth. "Fine" I hiss stepping back into his arms. Death chuckles and tilts his neck. I sink my teeth in and moan at how pure the liquid tastes. I feel Death's hand stroke my hips and I almost want to pull away from the cold shivers traveling along my spine.

"Awww, are you scared of me also?" Death whispers. "You should come back to live with me, Samiel. We'd have so much fun"

I pull away and lick my teeth. His wound heals on its own and I see his cocky smile. "I would never want to live with the creature that turned me into an animal"

"Oh, seniorita, how do I show my love for your new found devilish attitude?" Death says.

"You can't cause I will never accept it or believe you" I hiss then turn on my heels and stalk off.

The End

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