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He raises his eyebrow. “Huh?” So he expects me to know him.... I let tears trail down my cheeks and try to think but pain echo's in my head.

“Who are you?” I ask again, annoyed that I can't remember this person.


Recognition shoots through my mind and I wipe the tears from my face. “What the hell are you doing here?” I mumble.

“What was that all about?” He asks. I get to my feet and walk past him into my kitchen. I pour a glass of blood wine taking a large gulp. He follows waiting for an answer.

“Its non of your business” I mumble licking the blood from my teeth. It definitely is non of his business this is way to personal to discuss.

“Well since you insist on hanging around Eli like flies to dead meat, I think it is” I turn and pin him to the wall by his neck my eyes flashing red.

“Its non of your business” I growl furious. He smirks and I let go of his neck pushing a hand back through my hair with a sigh. “Sorry”

“I'm still waiting for an answer” He says.

“Your not getting one” I snap turning to look at him again. I blush at the close... and intimate distance between us. He smirks again. “What are you doing here?” My voice a mere whisper. He shrugs and I roll my eyes. “Well, that's reeeeally helpful” Sarcasm thick in my words.

“Indeed” He says. The movement of his lips is hypnotising and I lean in slightly. Why is this happening? Why do his lips look so hypnotising? This isn't right. I notice he looks as confused as me wondering what I'm doing.

“I... uh..” I mumble stuttering trying to blink away the hypnotic thoughts his lips are putting through my head.

“You..?” He asks looking more confused. I find myself unable to stop my actions. I find my lips pressing to his in a sudden movement. He kisses back for a second before pulling back.

“Why the hell do I keep doing that?” I gasp.

“Because I'm a handsome young man, obviously”

“B-but.... I don't even feel attracted to you” I stutter. The moment I say that I know its false and Robin's response is a mere shrug. “We both hate each other?” I realise a little after that it was more of a question than a statement.

“Mhmm” he mumbles. I nod then pull him to me kissing him again. I mean there's no harm in kissing him and its enjoyable. I find it pleasing he kisses back. Its then I suddenly pull back.

“Elioth” I whisper. His name seems foreign on my lips and that scares me.

“This never happens again, okay?” He says and I nod in agreement not able to speak cause of the horror I've just done. I step away looking hard at the floor feeling dreadful with myself. “I should go”

“Yeah” I croak, my throat feeling raw. He begins to leave but I don't know why but my hand is suddenly gripping his sleeve. I don't look up, I just stare at the hand gripping his sleeve stopping him from leaving. He looks at me curious. “Don't tell him.... please”

“I won't” he says. I still don't let go.

“Will you stay?” I don't know why I say it. The words tumble of my lips and I'm unable to stop them. He chuckles and normality in me stirs slightly.

“But we hate each other?”

I look up. “Is that really true?” He smirks at me and my stomach churns.

“Figure it out” He says. I release his sleeve.

“I think its best we never meet alone.... ever” He nods and then leaves.

The End

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