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I return to Elioth confused. I mean reminding someone of someone from their past was creepy but them hating this person and talking about it calm was even more confusing. Besides, I'd lived 170 years and never was recognised for someone else. I was always called an exquisite, original beauty. I was never thought to be a common beauty.

I slip into the bed next to Elioth wrapping my arms round him. I put my lips close to his ear. “Wake up, Elioth” I whisper. He wakes instantly and rolls over to hover over me, supported by his arms.

“Well, hello” He whispers sexily giving me a quick, soft kiss. “Last night was amazing”

I blush wrapping my arms round his next. “Well, its a shame you couldn't of lasted longer” I whisper back trailing my finger down over his chest. He swallows looking nervous as my finger stops at his waist. I smile hesitating before pulling my hand back up to hold his neck. I push my body up to his kissing him passionately.

“God, your hot” he whispers rolling so he's lying on his side as we kiss again... and again.... and again. His hands grip my hips tightly and I know that I should stop him cause he'll be shocked when no bruises form. I push him off and stand up.

“I have to go” I say pulling off his shirt and finding my clothes from various places round the room and pulling them on.

“So soon?” he asks looking like a little kid whose just had his favourite toy took away.

“Its 11 o'clock, Elioth” I chuckle. I finish changing and I walk up to him kissing him quickly. “Call me, okay?”

“Of course” He mumbles.

I leave not seeing Robin as I do. I end up walking down an alley with a middle-aged man following me. I reach the dead end and pretend to look panicked but the moment he tries to grab for me I spin round. I pin him to the wall, put him into a state of hypnosis and dig my fangs into his neck. He remains still and limp as I feed. The moment my thirst is quenched I drop him to the ground wiping his memory. As I walk away I can't help but think that he's lucky I left him alive.

I travel back to my apartment and feel a familiar pain clench my heart and head. “No” I gasp as tears begin to form. “Not now”

I close the door not locking it and crawl to the corner of my living room. Pulling my knees to my chest I let myself cry. I don't know how long I cry but I hear the door open.

“What's the matter?” I look up to see an unfamiliar man before me.

“Who are you?”

The End

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