Apparently kissing Samiel sparked a few memories. That night I dreamt of Annette. At least, I think it was Annette. The two of them looked so similar... I dreamt of the last time I saw her. The last, fleeting kiss before she jumped...


I didn’t sleep well that night, as I’m sure you could imagine. I shuffled into the kitchen the next morning, wondering what to do with my day when all I really wanted to do was sleep. I stopped walking when I saw Samiel, though. What was she doing in my kitchen?

"What are you doing here?"

She looked over her shoulder, blushing, before turning back to the cupboard she was going through. It was then that I noticed she was only wearing one of Elioth’s shirts. It just about covered her, thankfully.

“I stayed over” she mumbled and I scowled.

"Even after I told you to stay away"

"Well, yeah. I didn't plan staying over" she opened another cupboard, reaching up to get a bowl.

The scowl stayed pressed to my face as the shirt rode up a little. She turned to face me again.

"Do you have any blood?" she asked, spooning some cereal into her mouth.

"I might do. Why?"

"Bit thirsty" she ate some more cereal, a disgusted look creeping onto her face. She put the bowl down. “How do you eat that?"

"Chew and swallow"

"It’s disgusting" she said, starting to head out of the kitchen. "I'm going back to bed"

"I'm not happy about this"

"I don't care"

I scowled again. "Feed on him and I'll kill you"

She stopped, turning to face me. "I'm not going to and you really think you could kill me?"

"Not really but I'm sure it would be amusing to try"

"Amusing? How so?" she asked wearing a curious expression.

I chuckled, getting some cereal and eating it.

"How so?" she asked, following me.

I didn’t say anything and she grabbed my shoulder, forcing me to face her.

"How so?" she growled.

I chuckled again. "You know, you really do remind me of my fiancé"

She froze. "What?"

"She had a short temper, bless her"

"Do I have a short temper? Never noticed. I think my reactions are normal for what I am"

"You look a lot like her too"

"If all this is gonna make you have some sort of creepy crush on me, stop"

"Did I say I loved her?"

"No, did you?"

I scowled again. "I couldn't stand her"

"Well, good. Now we'll be on the same page"

"You test my patience, Samiel"

She stepped closer to me. "Well, maybe, you patience needs to be tested"

"What are you doing?"

"What?" she asked, looking confused.

I ate some more of my breakfast. "Thought you were going back to bed"

"You started threatening me"

I carried on eating and she rolled her eyes, walking away.

"Can't believe you’re eating that"

"Tastes nice"

She headed back to Elioth’s room and I finished my breakfast, heading back to my own room to have a little blood. What? A vampire’s got to eat, you know.

The End

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