The movie went great but I couldn't stop thinking about how hard it had been to make Robin walk out of the door. Even when Elioth tried to kiss me. I stopped him though because being so deep in thought made my hunger rise. Luckily as we sat in the club now it had numbed.

I eventually excused myself though and took a sip from a pretty blonde in the bathroom. "So, this place is awesome. How did we get let straight in again?" Elioth asks a curious and worried look in his eyes.

I push the worry out of his mind leaving curiousity. The worry is imidiatly replaced by a devilish hint of an attitude. "I know the owner... old friend" I say with a smile. Its then I feel him.... I look over my shoulder and see Robin in the corner of the room. I chuckle turning back to Elioth. "Oh sec"

I rise from the seat walk away to out of sight then, vampire speed, run into the alley next to the club. "Thought I told you to stay away" I turn to face Robin with a sigh.

"And why would I listen to you?" I ask with an annoyed/disapointed look. I mean I really don't want to deal with him. I want to be in the club with Elioth getting closer and closer to his heart.

"Because you are a woman" He says.

I grit my teeth angry. "Sexist are you?" I snap. Who the hell does he think he is talking to me like that? I haven't been talked to like that in the 170 years I've lived as a vampire, in the 170 years vampires have existed.

He hums. "I wouldn't say sexist..."

Suddenly, I grab him by the neck slamming him the the wall with a defeaning crack. "You cannot tell me what to do" My fang grow out and I almost growl at him. He smirks.

"Put your fangs away" He says.

I force my fangs to retract and touch the tips with my tongue. "Why are you so against your own kind?"

"We were all fools. This life of ours is not worth living" He hisses.

"You think I don't know that by now" I growl. "I've been around the longest you, moron. 17o years is enough to work out I made a mistake" I feel tears begin to form in my eyes.

"Well, you have your answer. Now leave Elioth alone"

"No" Throws him away to the ground like a rag doll.

"Your willing to watch him age and die, then?" He asks. My heart aches painfully and I step away.

"If I have to" I whisper feeling tears slide down my cheeks, knowing they will look like black liquid and tears of death.

"Stay away from him. I'm doing you a favour" He says.

"You do not control me" My fangs return once again and my irises turn red, shining like blood.

The End

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