I ate slowly not particularly enjoying this piece of human food. In my boredom I found my eyes straying to Elioth's neck. Suddenly, Robin clears his throat making me up to see him glaring at me.

Pure anger sparks through my eyes but I remain silent. Elioth shifts nervously almost feeling the tension building. Robin takes a drink from his glass then decides to start conversation. "So, Samiel, what do you do?" He asks.

I tilt my head and smile. "I'm not working at the moment"

"Why not?" Elioth asks with kind intentions and interest.

"Yes, why not?" Robin jumps in causing me to glare across at him. Why must he ruin the moment? His face remains innocent and I calm myself down knowing it won't be a good idea to become angry.

"I haven't been in town long" I say simply.

"How handy" Robin mumbles.

"Excuse me?" I ask looking at him slightly amused.

"Oh, nothing" He replies with an innocent smile. Elioth coughs getting my attention once again.

"So, will you be staying in town?" Elioth asks.

"Yes, I will. For a while" I say smirking at Robin before focusing totally on Elioth sensing warmth spread through his mind at the thought of me staying here. I feel Robin's glare but ignore him sliding my hand into Elioth's beneath the table with a friendly smile.

I can hear the clenching of Robin's jaw before he begins to eat in silence. I find myself quite disapointed at the lack of challange and begin to become bored. I lean in to whisper in Elioth's ear. "Can we go somewhere private to chat?"

Robin glares but that doesn't affect neither me or Elioth. He swallows nervously then leans back to look into my eyes. "Uh, sure. Would you mind, Robin?"

With his jaw clenched Robin replys, "sure".

I smile back at him as me and Elioth stand up leaving the room hand in hand into his bedroom. "What do you wish to talk about?" Elioth says leading us to a couch which we sit down on side by side.

"Anything, what you like to do? Why your roomates with Robin?" I ask with a hint of pure curiousity in the last one.

"Oh, I don't know really. We met in some club a while back and I guess we just... clicked as friends. He's been a real help. Especcially with my self-asteem around women" He says with a nervous chuckle.

"How so?" I say giving of flirtatious hints.

"Well, I didn't understand when someone was flirting or knew how to flirt. I missed several opportunities the night we met and I targetted the wrong people" Elioth shrugs. "I now understand"

"Do you?" I ask leaning closer.

"I do" Elioth says his voice becoming breathless as he also leans forward. I know Robin is still eavesdropping from outside as I kiss Elioth with a passion pulling away before it becomes to surgestive.

"I should go" I say with a sigh. "I can't stay"

"Why not?" Elioth says. I jump with joy inside at his words.

"I can't I'm sorry but... we will meet again tommorow right?" I ask gripping his hand tightly. He nods and we smile at each other before I let my forhead rest against his. "Goodbye" I whisper before rising up and walking out. As I do I glare at Robin which is returned.

The End

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