2010, Robin

That girl... She had sold her soul, just as I had. I kept my eyes pinned on the cafe the entire time she was there. I didn’t care that I had missed what could potentially have been the meeting that would earn me millions, not that I was in short supply of money. I stayed in my hiding place til Elioth finished his shift. He walked out of the cafe, locking the door behind him. He turned and jumped at the sudden sight of me when I appeared behind him.

"Oh, hey dude" he said with a smile.

I sort of nodded at him.

"What’s the matter? You seem down" he threw his keys in the air, catching them as we began walking.

"That girl from earlier..."

"Oh, yeah. Samiel"

"What do you make of her?"

"I think she's actually quite cool. Different a lot from other girls I've met that I thought she'd be like"

"I wouldn't trust her if I were you"

"Why not? Do you know her?"

"Not exactly. Just... stay away from her"

"Robin, you’re my friend but if you don't know her how can you judge?"

"There's something suspicious about her"

"Then I'll be careful. She seems a lot like you Robin. More than I think possible having only known her a few minutes"

"How so?"

"Don't know. That’s the confusing part"


"Come on, let’s get home. You’re cooking tonight"

I chuckled. "Am I now?"

"Yep, your night"

"Anything in particular?"

"Why you asking me?" he chuckled.

"Just seeing if there was anything you wanted specifically"

"Nope. "Come on, let’s get home"

He set off at a steady run and I chuckled, running faster than him. If only he could see just how fast I really could go.

"Damn you"


I set to work cooking lasagne once we got back to the apartment. Lasagne was easy and quick. Under any other circumstances I would have made the pasta myself but seeing that girl had unnerved me.

"That girls coming round" Elioth announced and I froze. "Problem?"

I gritted my teeth. "Not at all"

"Good cause she about to-" he was interrupted by someone knocking at the door. "Oh, she's here"

He walked off to answer the door and I gritted my teeth even more.

"Hey" I heard the girl “Samiel” say.

"Hey. Come, my roommates cooking"

The two of them walked in and this Samiel froze at the sight of me.

"Hey" I said sarcastically.

"Hello" she said with a fake smile.

I rolled my eyes and went back to cooking.

"I'll set the table" Elioth said, leaving the two of us alone.

Samiel leant against the counter "What you cooking?"


"Hmm, human food... okay I guess" she said, looking slightly disgusted.

"If you don't like it, maybe you should leave"

"No, I think I'll stay. Besides I'm here to become closer with Elioth. Food is just an obstacle.. As are you" she folded her arms across her chest looking annoyed and arrogant.

"I intend to get in your way as much as possible"

"Oh, is that conflict? I love a challenge"

I glared at her.

"Look, if you get in my way you will regret it. Even death regrets making a deal with me"

"Good for you"

She chuckled. "Are you not in the slightest bit worried"

I shook my head.

"Hmm, this will be a lot more fun than expected"

The End

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