2010, Samiel

The lust for blood was always great but today my throat was really dry. I found a mortal soon enough drinking and sending him off quickly. I never killed. No.... that be one less toy in the world.

I stalked along the road my bunches of hair swinging at my sides. I found myself letting my eyes scan the guys that past seeing quite a few cute ones who looked back with arrogant grins. Then one catches my eye. A particularly cute one waitering in a cafe across the road.

Except there's something different about this one. In the cafe is what I would call a mildly beautiful girl and she's clearly flirting with him but he's... not taking an interest in fact he's being more sweet to the bookworm girl in the corner. I frown with a tilt of my head. Why doesn't he acknowledge the glamour girl more?

I shrug and cross the road making sure no one crashes into me. I enter the cafe just after another fit lad leaves with a wave to his friend. Are eyes lock and I almost stop to growl knowing instantly he's another who sold his soul. I don't stop though I continue into the cafe and sit at an empty, clean table. Soon the cute, eye-catching waitor is over at my table.

"May I take your order?" He asks with a sigh at my leg high boot and my very short, jean shorts. I'm glad he even looked.

"Hmm, how about you tell me your problem with fashion and fit girls?" I say leaning on the table with my elbow and chin on fist.

"How about you just order?" he says again looking a bit annoyed.

"How about you tell me then I order?" I say with a tilt of my head. "My ways more fun" I say with a happy sort of shrug.

"Fine, its cause you think you'll always get your way. Now, order or do I have to have you thrown out?" He says clicking his pen and tapping his writing pad. I stare shocked then smile.

"I'll have some chips" I say with a smile. He turns and starts to leave. "Hey, can I have your number?"

He looks back, thinks then shrug. "Sure. Let me just get your food"

The End

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