Never Sell Your SoulMature

Through out history there have been incredibly desperate people who want to keep their youth. So each one was targetted by Death itself. They made a bargin with death to keep their youth in exchange for their sould. Slowly they became vampires, blood feeders. This is the story containing the first of many to sell their souls.....

1840, Samiel Scout

"Well, Mrs Samiel Scout. Do we have a deal?" The hooded man crossed his leg over the other sitting back in his chair. I sat high in my seat the corset tightening on my ribs.

"I would remain-"

"Yes, young forever" The man leant forward the bottom half of his face showing for the first time out of the shadow of the hood of his cloak. I felt myself stiffen at the cold smile set on his face.

"Your speaking a witchery" I say rising and crossing the room to the window in a second. I hear him rise behind me then he comes up behind me his cold breath hitting the back of my neck.

"But don't you want to stay young? Live forever? Be admired for your beauty for forever?" He whispers.

"That would be a dream" I say feeling something within me answer without fear of consequences.

"Then sell me your soul" The man whispers again. I turn to face him and notice the glint of his eyes even through the shadows hiding his face.

"How?" I ask somehow feeling detatched from myself. The man smiled once again and pulled out a piece of paper from behind his back. Ink was sketched along it.

"With a drop of blood the deal shall be sealed?" he said pulling out a knife. He grabs my hand and before I can scream has pricked my finger. He drops the knife and points my finger at the paper. I watch as the blood build up them drops onto the paper splashing slightly. Then the papers gone and the man begins to laugh.

I watch him walk out of the room still laughing and I'm unable to follow him. Unable to move..... what have I done?

The End

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