Never Look Back-100 Drabbles

100 Drabbles on my current in progress story Never Look Back. I was having trouble actually writing the story so I wanted to do an exercise, writing diffrent short prompts from my characters POV. They may not all make perfect sense because there is a much more in depth plot behind them, but I needed to write something



For Him there was no start. He always was. Everthying followed after. He was the start. For millenia the begining was always the end for Him. The never ending cycle of existance. Essence divided within. His own divine being. Love and hate. Strenght and insanity. He embodied all. He was all. Broken in to factions to follow what they believed to be His teachings. He became two, thou only one. But then the lines had crossed. What had never been, even to Him, had been born, split as he and yet perfectly fit. The axis of His word. And with that new arrival in His domain, it had begun. The start of it all.

The End

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