Never Ending Summer

The kids from Gates High discover a portal leading to a endless summer vacation, in which they never age and time stops.

"Hey Lizzy!" Alen, her younger brother, woke her up for the last day of school. "Ok, i'm up" she says as she rolls to her side, to fall back to sleep. Alen was persistent and got a bucket of ice water in which he poured on her. "OH NO YOU DIDN'T!" She yelled as she chased him through the house.

"Hey Lizzy!" It was Alen again. He had bugged her then fake cried when mom got mad and through her under the bus. "Get lost" was all she could think of saying when he graved her arm a drug her to the play ground and did a hand stand. "Alen I am gonna hurt you if you don't stop it, NOW!" He picked his noise and ran.

Lizzy chased him through the hall until they reached the janitors closet in which she cornered him. His eyes got wide and right before she could slap him he was gone.

He was running away when she caught him. "Ha, ha!" She cried, as he pointed down. "Is this one of your tricks? Cause i'm NOT falling for it!" Then she followed his gaze.

She relessed him and saw a hole in the ground. It was about a 4 feet wide and looked like it would go on and on.

The End

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