We've Got Something To Tell You

Version One

The girl made her way downstairs, stopping to observe her reflection in the mirror in the hall before continuing to the kitchen.  Her mother was standing at the counter with her back turned toward the girl.  Her father rushed in then, not even glancing at the two of them before coming to stand at the island at the center of the kitchen.  Slowly he looked up at her with his dark brown eyes.  The girl's mother turned and looked at her from where she was standing at the counter. 

"Your mom and I have something to tell you.  Sit down."


Version Two

As she ambled down the hallway, she knew that today was going to be a day like no other.  She had no idea why but as she grabbed her things and headed to the kitchen she knew her life was going to change today.  Maybe that boy from her Physics class was finally going to talk to her?

When she reached the kitchen she saw her mother standing there, tense as she'd ever seen her.  More so than that time where she'd gotten pneumonia and had to go to the hospital.

She pushed the thought out of her mind as her father entered the kitchen, looking just as tense as her mother.  His eyes were pleading and desperate as he said to her, "Your mom and I have something to tell you.  Sit down."


Version Three

I could hear her entering the kitchen.  I wanted to turn to her and perhaps...warn her.  Tell her to run right out that door and leave while she could.  Instead I kept my back to her and mentally glued my feet to the ground until her father walked in.  As I turned around and heard John speak I watched my little baby's world shatter.

At first she said nothing, but soon a tidal wave of sputters and starts left her mouth before a single tear rolled down her pretty face.  Without another sound she wiped her face on her sleeve and walked out.  Suddenly I knew that we were making a huge mistake.



The End

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