Retail Therapy

Version 1

She enters the shop, and makes a beeline for the New Arrivals. Her face is set in a dazed smile as she thumbs through the stack of shirts on the first shelf. The curtain of her long, black hair covers her cheeks, hindering her survey. She pauses for a moment, and pushes it behind the ears. She selects a few shirts, and places them on her arm before moving to the next aisle in the mix and match store. Here she picks up a single skirt, and then onward to the stoles display; a few of those, and off she goes towards the trial rooms. A queue of fidgeting, restless shoppers stretches out in front of all the trial rooms; she halts mid-step, shifts her bag to the other shoulder, gathers her intended purchase to the chest, and joins the shortest line.  

Version 2

Gee! I’m finally in my favourite shop, and that too, after ages! Haven’t they added a few more shelves since I was here last time? 

A quick look at her wristwatch and she knows she has a little under an hour before she’ll have to leave to make it to the bus station in time to catch her bus. 

Oh, there’s the New Arrivals section! Good. 

So what does she need? Shirts. As many as she can get, and a few skirts; won’t look at pants at all, theirs just don’t fit well. Okay, here are the shirts. Hmm... she needs a blue, and this one is a nice powder blue, must try. Ah, a red! Will go well with the white culottes Tanya gave her for her birthday. 

Where’s my hair-clutch when I need it? 

Should she bother with the yellow? It’s not really her colour, but look at these cute frills... awww. Heck, what’s the harm in trying?

Onto the skirts. She leafs through the three stacks, but there’s nothing flared or pleated. These straight-cuts won’t suit her... she’s got too much of a tummy for that. But maybe, she can try a black, that’s always slimming. 

Where’s the trial ro... Oh! hellooo! Look at those pretties! Stoles? I need something in fuschia, and orange, and this shade of green! Wow!

Oh my God! Look at the queue! Are roads seem to be leading to Ashlyn’s huh?! Anyway... what can one do? I wish I could leave this bag somewhere...  

Version 3

Ah, another one with a bus to catch! Look at the bag she’s carrying, and why don’t they ever check it in at the baggage counter? 

Well, I don’t think she’ll feel the weight for long! I hope she finds something that she likes soon. Good, she’s spotted the New Arrivals. This time we’ve really outdone ourselves; the new designs are simply out if the world. 

That’s quick! Three shirts in as many minutes! Well done! She really has the most awesome hair I’ve ever seen, and believe me, I have seen enough! 

What is she doing now? Skirts. She should find the new asymmetrical cotton ones interesting... oh no, not the straight cut, even black will fail to hide that paunch. Where are the salesgirls? Not a single one in that section, and I can’t leave the till, can I? 

Ah... no one can resist those stoles! I must order some more; the way it’s going, we’ll be out of them by tomorrow.  

Ms Awesome Hair is already in the queue?! No walking through the whole store, no opening every last piece on the racks! That’s what I call focussed shopping!

The End

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