Prologue (edited) page 3Mature

        Rising from her place on the green silk chevron patterned chair, Vanessa began stalking towards the basement. "Silly mutt... You fell for it yet again!" she muttered under her breath as she reached the stairs leading down to the basement. Descending into the darkness, she mentally counted the stairs to prevent herself from tripping. Reaching the bottom, she reached to her right and flipped the light switch, looking around at the four-dog, two-cat kennel. Isabelle was nowhere in sight. "What the fuck!" Vanessa groaned angrily. Practically running up the stairs, she burst into the hallway.

        "So you want to play a game of hide and seek I see!" she hollered. "Well you get your wish." Hearing the telltale click of nails on tile, she whirled around. Nothing. Damn. "I'll only play on one condition though. You have to give me my socks! No hiding them somewhere in the house!" she told the hallway. She knew Isabelle was listening though, because she could hear a faint chuffing sound. Isabelle's doggy laughter. Vanessa tromped off with an angry look on her face, heels clicking sharply. Finding the breaker box, she wrenched the heavy door open and hit the red lockdown button that was underneath the breaker for the kitchen. Instantly, two-ply sheets of steel reinforced metal began lowering, covering every window and door that led outside the storybook worthy mansion, including all of Isabelle's doggy doors.

        "Ready or not here I come!" Vanessa called, leaving the breaker box to search the parts of the house Isabelle had access to.

The End

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