The First Entries in the Journal of Ambrose ViccarsMature

April 7th, 1587

Mother and I are going to America! I have decided that I am going to bring a journal with me so that I may write down our travels and adventures. I want to remember everything that happens! We are to leave soon Mother says, the end of this month. So I must go pack my things, but I will write more later!

April 18th, 1587

Many days have passed since I have written, but things are so busy I have trouble finding the time to sit down for a few minutes to write. We have been packing like mad men and taking the things we will no longer need to the market to sell. So far we've sold the horse, all but a handful of chickens, and the cow. Mother desperately wants someone to buy the house though. It is hard for us, selling our belongings, but exciting as well. Soon we will be in America!

April 25th, 1587

We finally sold the house. Good thing too, for we leave in but a few days. I am nervous about the trip. I have never been on a ship before. I wonder what it will be like, out on the open water, no land in sight. I fear, a little, what may happen to us out on the ocean. What if we become lost? What if a storm blows in and sinks the ship? How will we survive? But alas, I cannot worry too much or I shall make myself sick. I cannot let Mother see me worry either. I do not wish to upset her. It pains me greatly to see her upset. It will be hard saying goodbye to my friends, but I'm sure I'll make new ones in the colony. Well, I must go, Mother is calling me for dinner.
p.s. I have decided to sign all of my entries from now on with an 'A' for Ambrose

April 30th, 1587

We leave today! Mother and I are waiting for the coach to arrive so we can load up our luggage and head to the dock. I don't really know what to do with myself right now. I think I'm going to go play. I will write more after we board the ship.

The End

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