Prologue (Edited)Mature

        "Isabelle! Damn it! Come back with those!" Vanessa shouted at her little pit-mix puppy from the bottom of the grand staircase, stamping her foot. She was desperately trying to get her things together for school so she could leave. She only had 15 minutes before she needed to leave to make it to school on time. If this kept up, she was going to be seriously late and get in trouble with her homeroom teacher and probably the Vice Principal as well. Hell no. She was having none of that. Vanessa watched, nonplussed, as her crazy dog just turned around and gave her one of those silly dog smiles where they lift their upper lip, socks poking out of either side of her mouth. And then she was gone once again, running down the halls and hiding in dark corners.

        She blended in very well considering the fact that she was pure black except for about six white hairs in the middle of her chest, and even those didn't make finding her any easier. It was almost impossible to spot her, especially when being spotted was the last thing she wanted. And most of the time, she couldn't be found. It's quite obvious if you think about it: black dog... black corners... it is impossibly irksome. And she knew it. That was the worst part. And, unfortunately, it just so happened that today was one of those days where she just did not want to be found...

        Sighing audibly with frustration, Vanessa briskly walked the short distance to the chef-worthy kitchen, the heels of her four inch pumps clicking loudly on the obsidian tiles. Upon entering the kitchen she glanced around, taking in the splendor she was so accustomed to. The sink, refrigerator, stove, and island counter top were all stainless steel. The cabinets were painted white and had stainless hardware. The counter tops were all green and white marble. The floor was marble as well, black and white in a checkered pattern, imported from the continent of Olümna. Striding across the room, she grabbed a chicken flavored dog treat from the ceramic bowl above the stove before turning and entering the walk-in, store-like pantry to grab a granola bar for breakfast. Although, in the opinion of most, a granola bar is certainly not breakfast. Leaving the kitchen, Vanessa walked slowly back down the hallway to the grand entrance, munching quietly on her granola bar and scanning dark corners with her cat-like eyes. Once she got there though, her darling little mischievous puppy was still nowhere to be found. Thinking for a moment, she had an idea and decided to go sit in the parlour. It was notorious as Isabelle's favourite spot in the house, a fact Vanessa's mother resented.

The End

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