My version of the details!Mature

Okay some events for the story (from beginning) {not sure how to write out details for the actual events} Critiques would be appreciated! :)

The first apprentice he creates was easily swayed because he was bullied in school so he already had emotional problems. After he kills his family he ends up in foster care. He is 7 years old. He is in his second foster home by 8. He receives a letter from his 'master' the serial killer, while in that 2nd foster home, that tells him he wants to test his skills. The letter is made up of quotes from Yoda (Star Wars) and is hand cut letters from everything from magazines to newspapers to printer paper. So the kid kills one of the other foster kids, making it look like an accident. He set it up so the stove in the kitchen explodes. He asks the foster mom to make cookies and she tells him in about 30 minutes. He goes and flips on an eye on low on the gas stove (gas is being released but no fire in the eye). The foster mom finally comes in and starts helping him and another kid make cookies. They are standing around a granite island in the kitchen. The mom goes to light a cigarette and the flame from the lighter ignites the gas in the room causing an explosion. The mom is burned on half her body, the foster kid dies, and the mini serial killer survives by ducking behind the granite island. He is however badly burned in a few places. He has to stay in the hospital for skin grafts. The police write it off as a freak accident. He then receives another letter telling him what a good job he did and that it's okay for him to continue. A couple of foster homes later, the kid is now 14 and is on home number  6. He is there a few months when the foster dad becomes abusive. The kid hatches a plan to kill the foster dad. He pretends to run away but is actually hiding out in an abandoned house in the woods nearby. After a week he returns and kidnaps the abusive foster dad. He takes him to his hideout in the woods, down to the basement where he has set up a torture shop. He kills him slowly, by breaking bones and filleting pieces of skin off. After the foster dad is dead, the boy chops him up into small pieces and buries him all over the forest. Then he does an awful job cleaning up the blood and evidence of the murder. He returns home. The police become suspicious and search for the lost foster dad. The end up finding the house in the woods and discover the gory details of what went on. They catch the kid as the killer. The state has the death penalty, and due to the brutality of the murder, they try the kid as an adult and convict him of the murder. He is put on death row and a few weeks later is executed. The serial killer has been tracking the kid's progress and writing letters back and forth with him. The letters are burned after reading so there is no evidence of their correspondence. He finds out about the execution of his prodigy via the news and is upset. He hasn't killed as he has watched his prodigy grow, but decides to get back into the game to find himself a new prodigy. He picks out a family to murder. They have a baby and a 5 year old. He kidnaps the baby and slaughters the family. Only problem is that the little boy escapes, and has seen the serial killer's face. The baby is a little girl, and the little boy ends up in foster care. The serial killer, satisfied with his stolen baby, stops killing and retires to a far away forest to raise the little girl. He lives off the grid (no phone, power, etc.) He hunts and gathers their food and makes the little girl watch him kill, cut and skin the animals. Over the years she becomes fascinated by the inner workings of creatures and starts killing and dissecting animals. One night, while getting a midnight snack, she overhears the man she thinks is her father talking in his sleep. He's talking about the kid who got away (her brother). He's saying how he must find the boy because he knows who he is and knows that he has his sister. Curious and slightly frightened she races to her room and packs her bag and sneaks out of the house. She has decided to run away and find her brother.

End story. Now I just need more details and events as filler. Anyone care to inspire me?

The End

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