"Any Time, Any Place" (new title maybe?)Mature

"Hi my name is Scott Brooks and I can travel through time and space," he muttered to himself, looking in the mirror.

Yeah my dating life is definitely over.

He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed, leaving the bathroom and heading downstairs to grab his backpack and leave. It was going to be his first day back since the accident. The one that had kept him in the hospital for a week as he recovered from his injuries and dealt with the amnesia. He still didn't remember anything from before the accident, but he had learned a few things about himself. He had his wallet on him when the paramedics found him so they had at least known his name and where he lived, information they passed on to him. The rest he slowly found out while searching his bedroom. The porn magazines he found under his mattress he immediately found distasteful and threw away. The calendar on the wall had a date scribbled with a note about a band that was going to be playing. After sitting down in front of the laptop at his desk and browsing through the files and photos he determined that he had a girlfriend, or better put: had a girlfriend. Apparently they had broken up a few weeks before the accident...

He stood at the end of his driveway, waiting on the bus to arrive and cart him off. It was a beautiful morning: the air was crisp and cool, hinting at fall already, a few puffy clouds floated leisurely by on a breeze he did not feel, and it was just bright enough to light everything up without being overly bright. Staring up at the clouds he could not stop his thoughts from wandering.

I wonder what it will be like. Will I remember any of my friends? How hard is school going to be now? I really hate not knowing. 

His inner dialogue was suddenly interrupted by a large yellow bus grinding to a halt in front of him. Crossing the street and boarding the oddly smelling contraption he looked at the mass of kids in front of him and groaned. There were no empty seats. He was going to have to sit with someone.

Well that's just great.

He started down the aisle and the bus began moving. His eyes scanned the crowd, desperately looking for a spot to sit, no longer caring if he had to sit next to someone. Finally he spotted an empty space next to a girl who had her nose buried in a rather large book. He halted, unsure of what to do.

"You can sit down you know."

He jumped a little, startled by the voice. He realized the girl had spoken. To him no less. He felt his face warm as he realized how he must look, standing there like an idiot. He quickly sat down, careful to not touch the girl. He glance up from his lap and realized she was staring at him. He froze, entrance by her eyes. They were the most lovely shade of lilac.

Those can't be real. They have to be contacts or something.

"Do you know how to speak? Or are you like, mute or something?" He came back to reality and shook his head trying to clear his mind.

"Yes I can speak." he managed to get out.

"Okay good because I don't know sign language or any of that shit so if you had been mute I'd have really been out of luck"

He stared at her amazed. She was so blunt, it bemused him.

Are all girls like this? Or is it just her?

"What's your name?" He finally asked.

"Lizbeth. What's yours?" She smiled at him, her eyes crinkling up at the corners.

Damn that's cute.

"Ah I'm Scott. It's nice to meet you Lizbeth."

"Nice to meet you too Scott. So tell me, how come I haven't seen you on the bus before?"

The End

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