The Lost Colony of Roanoke story (needs a new title!)Mature

A few facts about the Colony of Roanoke:

  • The first batch of colonists arrived on Roanoke Island on July 4th 1584.
  • They had a tussle with a native tribe over a missing silver cup soon after.
  • They left a Ralph Lane and 107 men to establish a colony at the north end of the island. The rest returned to England for supplies, promising to return April 1586 with men and fresh supplies. This party departed August 17th, 15 85.
  • April of 1586 passed with no sign of reinforcements. In June, the settlers were attacked by the native tribe they attacked over a missing silver cup. Soon after Sir Francis Drake stopped by and offered to take the colonists back to England. They agreed.
  • The relief fleet arrived shortly after the colonists' departure. Finding it empty they left a small amount of men to protect the establishment and the rest returned to England
  • In 1587 a new group of 150 colonists was dispatched to establish a colony on Chesapeake Bay. They were led by John White, and were ordered to stop by Roanoke first to pick up the men there.
  • When they arrived on July 22nd, 1587, they found the colony empty, nothing but a skeleton there.
  • The fleet's commander, Simon Fernandez refused to let the colonists back on the ships, insisting that they instead establish a new colony on Roanoke.
  • When White tried to make peace with the natives that had attacked the previous colony they refused to make peace and instead killed colonist George Howe while he was searching for crabs.
  • The colonists feared for their lives so they convinced John White to return to England and ask for help. He did as such, leaving behind 115 colonists. He sailed back to England that same year, leaving behind his daughter Eleanor Dare, and his granddaughter Virginia Dare (born August 18th, 1587).
  • He could not return for 3 more years due to the Anglo-Spain War. 
  • When White finally was able to return, landing August 18, 1590 (his granddaughter's 3rd birthday), he found the settlement empty.
  • The only clues were the word "Croatoan" carved into a post of the fence that surrounded the village and "Cro" carved into a tree nearby. And that the houses and fortifications had been disassembled, indicating that their departure had not been hurried.

With all this information in mind, I have to formulate a story. I have done extensive research on this topic and now I shall begin drafting my idea...

The End

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