Personal novel idea development!Mature

So far what I have on my two ideas is:

  • "Any Time, Any Place" -- "I had always wanted a super power, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect to get one" This average student (currently nameless and backgroundless) is involved in a serious accident (haven't decided what the accident is yet) and ends up in the hospital. The accident causes the kid to have amnesia. They no longer remember anything about their past before the accident. Also the accident activated 90% of their unused brain, causing them to suddenly be intelligent beyond compare (think Einstein x 20). Suddenly they understand every idea or concept presented to them and even fix errors and solve theories and such. They can also see the continuum (as well as manipulate it but they don't know that yet). An incident in class one day makes the kid realize what it is that he/she is seeing. It's been an obnoxious distraction for weeks. Then using afternoons after school and weekends, they practice and learn to control the continuum. They can now get to any time or place in the world and also can manipulate events from the past.
  • "Honesty, Dogs & Treachery" is about a girl (Vanessa, last name to be determined) who is secretly a spy in a fantasy world. Her day job is waitressing at a local bar. She has a boyfriend and her parents are political figure heads in the government. The story is about her loss of her normal life by a discovery of her heritage and the secret underground world going on right under everyone's noses. Currently doing a spy mission her marks make her and she is forced to flee while her team members do damage control. While fleeing, she gets lost in unknown territory (she is in a country not her own during her mission) and is rescued by a clan of mysterious beings. While in their care they educate her on her lineage and a lot of other things.
The End

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