NaNoWriMo idea development!Mature

So far, what I have for

  • Lost Colony of Roanoke story: it's a first person viewpoint. A teen who lives in the colony is journaling about life in the colony and the goings on of things. Tells the story of how and why the colony disappears and where they go and how they survive. Kicker is they join the Croatoan indians (maybe. Not sure about this part).
  • Serial Killer story: the killer is a man with a traumatized childhood (practically mandatory to be a serial killer). Think, parents were hardcore into Occult and used him in ceremonies and were also druggies/alcoholics who abused him. He prefers to kill families with pets (mom, dad, kid #1, kid #2, and a pet {one boy and one girl kid}). He kills the pet first, leaving it's mutilated head on the porch. Then kidnaps a parent and a kid and proceeds to torture the parent to death in front of the kid taking 2 or 3 weeks to do it. Works the kid's mind to get them to help him kill their parent by telling them that their parent isn't really their parent, that they were kidnapped as babies and spins elaborate stories to convince the kid. Turns the kid into a killer and sends them back to finish off their families. After many years of this he decides he's getting old and needs someone to carry on the legend and the next family he hits, he keeps the little boy and makes him his apprentice. Then he releases him upon the world monitoring his progress... There is much much more to this, though I'll stop here. More in its branch
The End

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