NaNoWriMo Brainstorm!Mature

Trying to brainstorm for NaNoWriMo.
Currently working on 2 ideas: Lost colony of Roanoke and a serial killer.
Also brainstorming to self publish a novel.
Ideas: kid who manipulates the continuum to travel through time and space
and also a teen spy sci-fi thriller.

So I'm going to be doing NaNoWriMo this year.

Both to do a submission on and to do a novel I plan on self publishing.

  • For my submission I have 2 ideas that I'm working on but haven't decided which I want to do:
  1. A lost colony of Roanoke first person journal style story
  2. A serial killer story
  • For my personal novel I'm working on I have a bunch of ideas but the main two are:
  1. "Any Time, Any Place" (title subject to change) which is about a kid who is in a horrific accident and the side effects are amnesia (temporary) and an unprecedented knowledge of the world and how it works
  2. "Honesty, Dogs & Treachery" (title also subject to change) which is about a teenage girl who has a history and lineage she is not aware of but slowly discovers. She is a spy in a fantasy world where her parents are very politically powerful and part of an age old fued.
The End

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