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Word Count: 860


‘Yes sweetie?’

‘Have the men finished shouting?’

‘I think so darling. Daddy will go and check.’

Daddy went through the door into the room the loud men were stood in and I stayed where I was. The floor was cold and I was tired and scared. The nasty men outside on the streets were sick, Daddy said. He told me that I shouldn’t go near them and he would look after me. I trust my Daddy. He’s an adult and adults know what they are doing. Adults are smart. My Daddy is a brave man. He was brave when Mummy went to Heaven and he took care of me then.

I miss my Mummy but Daddy said she is in a better place. He said she is with the angels and that makes me happy. She does not have to listen to the sick men. They make funny noises, it scares me even more. That’s how Mummy went to Heaven; she became sick as well. She changed, but Daddy told me to go into another room.

I know Mummy is watching down on me now and I smile up at her. The smile hurts my cheeks but I think that is because I have not smiled in a long time.

Daddy comes back into the room and holds out his hand for me so I know it is safe. He takes me into the other room and sits me down next to Tammy. I like Tammy, she is nice to me. She gives me a hug and starts to tell me a story.

‘Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess.’

‘A princess called Alicia?’

Tammy laughs and this makes me laugh. ‘Princess Alicia. She lived in a beautiful land with Prince Joshua a beautiful golden horse.’

Joshua was my best friend at school. The other children laughed at us and said we were boyfriend and girlfriend but that’s gross. I miss my school and my teacher Miss Wellington. She was the best teacher in the world. She used to give us gold stars on our work and one time I got three gold stars! My Mummy and Daddy were so happy.  I have not seen Joshua. My school shut when the people got sick. Joshua’s Mummy and Daddy told my Mummy and Daddy that he was unwell and that I had to wait until he was better until I could play with him. I did not see Joshua after that. I hope he has gotten better.

‘They were the fairest in all the land and were loved by all of the townspeople.’

Tammy stopped talking and her eyes went round.

‘Tammy?’ I pulled on her sleeve.  ‘Daddy what’s wrong with Tammy?’

Daddy looked over and ran to me. He lifted me up in his arms and took me into the next room again. He told me to wait there.

I was scared again. Was Tammy sick?

The door opened and Carol came in. She looked scared and my stomach felt funny then. Carol was an adult and if an adult was scared that meant that things were wrong.

She held onto my hand but I wanted my Daddy. He was in the other room.

‘Stay here sweetie,’ Carol said.

‘No, where’s my Daddy?’

Carol did not say anything but Daddy came in the door. He said something in Carol’s ear and Carol looked even more scared.

‘Alicia, sweetie, I need you to come back here.’ I followed Daddy back to where Tammy was laying on the floor.

Daddy picked Tammy up under the arms and Carol picked Tammy up under the legs. They took her into the other room and closed the door behind her. Carol put something in front of it.

‘Honey, Tammy isn’t feeling very well. We’ve taken her into the next room so she can get better by herself, but you must not go into that room, do you understand?’

‘Yes Daddy.’

I hoped Tammy would get better soon; I wanted to listen to the rest of the story.

The other door opened and the soldier lady and the scary man walked in. I huddled up beside Daddy who put his arm around me. It made me feel a bit better.

The soldier lady gave the scary man a cup.

‘It’ll make you feel better,’ she said to him.

Daddy got up and went over to the lady and man. He said something to them but I could not hear. The man looked angry again but he also looked surprised. The soldier lady put her hand to her mouth and she made a funny noise. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back at her.

The soldier lady took the man into the room that Tammy was in. Was she going to help Tammy get better? She was a soldier and soldiers knew more than normal adults.

‘You let her in while she was bitten?!’ The scary man shouted from the other room.



‘Did someone bite Tammy?’

‘Yes,’ he looked sad. That made me sad.

‘Have they put a plaster on it?’

‘They’re going to do all they can.’

‘Okay Daddy.’

The End

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