Joe: OverwhelmedMature

Word Count: 554


I turned at the mention of my name just in time to see David shoot at a zombie that tried taking a chunk out of his leg. I replicated this as another came up from behind him. The hordes were getting thicker and more consistent, how many zombies could one small hospital hold? It was stupid of me to go rushing out like this.

‘Go back David!’ I shouted at him. ‘It’s not safe out here.’

He turned round to see a handful of zombies pouring through the double doors. He charged towards me and grabbed my shirt, hauling me in the opposite direction.

‘We have to get out of here!’

‘Why did you follow me?’ I ducked round the corner and spotted a locked door ahead with glass windows. They looked sturdy enough; maybe we could get in there and barricade it up?

David seemed to know what I was thinking and ran towards them grabbing an office chair that lay abandoned on its side. He threw it at the windows and they shattered easily. My hope ebbed slightly; maybe they weren’t as strong as I thought. The pursuing hordes were getting closer; I could hear their moans. That wasn’t something you ever got used to: the sounds they made. It was enough to drive a man crazy if he let it.

David reached through the broken glass and twisted the handle. The door swung open and we shot inside. A lone zombie in the corner of the room looked up at us and hissed.

‘I’ll take care of this, you board the door up,’ I instructed. David nodded.

I aimed the gun at the creatures head as it began to run towards me.

Pulling the trigger, I waited for the bullet to hit it.

Nothing happened.

The gun clicked, but no bullet came out.

I didn’t even have time to think about this before the zombie was on me and I was fighting for my life. It sent us both to the floor, the gun went flying out of my hands and it started snapping its teeth towards me. I grabbed its head and tried prying it off me, but it was determined and instead turned its head to try and bite my arm. I managed to pull away just in time and it snapped at the air.

I inclined my head in the direction of David and saw him struggling to keep the doors shut. We were going to be overwhelmed. He looked over at me and I saw the defeat in his eyes. Shaking my head, I mouthed the word NO.

I kneed the zombie on top of me in the stomach and managed to scrabble out from underneath it. My eyes darted manically for a weapon to defend myself with before I remembered the knife in my boot. Of course Joe you dumbass!

I pulled the blade out and the zombie did the rest of the work itself. It literally ran onto it. Blood and brains coated my arms and the zombie jerked once before sliding off the knife and onto the floor.

‘Joe the doors aren’t gonna hold!’ David yelled over the sounds of the dead outside.

‘I think my gun’s out of ammo,’ I replied. His face drained of colour.

We were well and truly fucked.

The End

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