Luca: No End In SightMature

Word Count: 849


It’s human nature to be wary of new people, especially in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. I don’t think it’s human nature to scramble up out of bed on screaming muscles and bones that won’t support you, trying to run for your life from them. Rayn and Joe both shouted at me to stop as I half collapsed against the door, pulling at the handle to get the fuck out of there. Couldn’t see the zombies shuffling around in the corridor outside waiting for us to appear, could I?

“Cancer!” Joe lunged forward, tackling me to the floor. I’m not sure he meant to do that, to be honest, but we ended up in a heap on the floor, his hand over my mouth to muffle my panicked shouting.

“The hell is wrong with him?” one of the women from the group asked. If I’d been myself, I might’ve realized that if they wanted to kill us they’d have done it by now. But my mind was on a totally different planet. Underneath Joe’s hand, I was screaming at them a hundred miles a second, writhing in spite of his knee in my guts.

“It’s the withdrawals,” Joe said in a tone that told me he’d already explained this. I guess you’d have to when you find a guy passed out on the toilet floor like that, though. Eventually, I threw Joe off, gasping for air. I had to lie there a while. Joe was hovering over me, either making sure he hadn’t killed me, or waiting for me to be able to stop having a panic attack.

“Daddy, what’s that man doing?” For a second I froze. There was a kid here? A fucking kid?

“He’s just sick, sweetie,” the man I guess was her dad replied.

“Like the people outside? He looks kinda like ‘em,” the kid said. There were a couple of laughs, but it was kinda going over my head a little bit.

“Shut up,” Rayn snapped at her, “he’s not a zombie, stupid little kid.” I was surprised – Rayn’s usually really good with kids, mostly because he is one – I’d never seen him snap at a kid before. His tired face came into view and he grabbed my hands, pulling me up so I was at least sitting. I was always too tall for him to pull me up properly, given that there was at least a foot between us in height.

And then I spotted the army uniforms.

“Nope,” was all I managed to get out, scrabbling to my feet again, “no fucking way.” My chest was too tight, I couldn’t breathe. What the fuck was Joe thinking letting these people in?

“Cancer, relax. They’re not dangerous,” Joe tried to tell me, but I was still freaking out. I made for the door again, but Joe threw his arm around my waist, dragging me back away from it. “Don’t go out there!”    I tried to fight against him, I really did. I didn’t have the strength, though. The lack of sleep and food and smack had really taken it out of me. I swayed a little, not too sure how long I’d be able to stay on my feet. My legs felt like jelly and the paranoia eating away in my head wasn’t helping.

“What’re they doing here?” Had more of them been following us? Were they here for me? What if they’d all survived?

“They found us. It’s okay,” he smiled reassuringly, first at me and then at the little kid sat with the group. I didn’t like any of them. The adrenaline that was shooting around my body was making me shake and feel sick. I took another look at them and the urge to get away from them overtook me. Shaking Joe off, I grabbed my bag and shut myself in the restroom, wishing there was a lock on the main door. I sat down, leaning on it to hold it closed, hoping that would be enough to keep them out.

I heard a sigh from the other side of the door. “Sorry about him,” Joe said, “he wasn’t always so paranoid.”

“I know you said he was messed up, but seriously?” a British man’s voice said.

“It’s the drugs,” Joe heaved out another weary sigh, “never mind, though.”

“I can hear you all, y’know,” I said, wishing I couldn’t hear them. I wanted to be on my own. Most of all, I wanted a fucking hit.

“It’s true!”

“Then fucking find me some morphine and I’ll be fine!” I snapped at him, my temper surfacing for the first time in days. I was fed up of feeling shit. There wasn’t a light at the end of the tunnel, it was just pain and dry heaving and craving and slowly driving yourself insane. There wasn’t an end to this. It was like a zombie apocalypse was happening in my head. Something shit happened and suddenly we’re thrown into this new world where there’s nothing fucking good about anything and there’s no possible way it can get better. 

The End

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