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For the first time in my life, I was fighting out of fear instead of anger. Not even a mix of the two. Pure, gut wrenching fucking terror.

When we saw that the CDC was burnt to the fucking ground, I didn’t even have the will power to say that I’d told them so. There wasn’t a single shred of hope for us here, and the total funk of depression that filled the car when we all realized it was unbearable. I got out the car first, muttering something about needing to stretch my legs and clear my head a bit. Rayn and Joe followed, not sure what else to do.

Which is what makes this all my fucking fault.

That crazy nurse bitch that was following us? Yeah they didn’t stop following us. When we lost them on the forty, in that wreckage, they didn’t give up. I dunno how they managed to find us, but they fucking did.

“Put your hands in the air and get on your knees!” a man shouted at us. We hadn’t even noticed them at the other end of the street where they were.

I spun around, confused more than anything. And then I saw /her/ sat in that truck with the soldiers she’d dragged along with her. Though, knowing my luck they were more than willing to come all this way with her for me.

They didn’t even give us a chance – they opened fire on us before we could get back to the car, and we had no choice but to fight back. We dived for cover behind whatever we could find – me and Joe were behind an abandoned car, and Rayn was using an alley way to hide in.

“They’re going to attract the zombies,” Joe muttered, worried. He was right – the noise they were making with their guns was echoing off the buildings around us was shattering the eerie silence – it’d only be a matter of time before the zombies found us.

The adrenaline and the level of danger rising all the time gave me a hard kick up the ass. I guess I still wasn’t thinking entirely clearly, I was running off pure survival instincts, but it helped me focus long enough to get in a few clean shots.

“Go for their legs,” I said to Joe as he shot one in the chest with no more effect than winding the guy he shot at, “or their necks or arms.” They’d stopped long enough to pick up some of those helmets with a face shield that made head shots less useful than we’d hoped.

The noise they were making was deafening. I wanted to shrink away from it and try to block it out. But if I did that, the nurse would get me, and that was the only thing that kept me where I was, reloading my gun and shooting through the empty holes of the car where windows used to be.

The first zombies came from behind them. It was just a handful of them, to begin with, and since they were more interested in the ones making the noise, we left them to it. For once, they were being useful for something.

That handful turned into a crowd streaming in through the alley ways and down the street from both ends. The whole fucking city had heard our fight and now they wanted to eat. The soldiers were still shooting at us in between taking out zombies, but our situation was quickly getting worse.

“Rayn!” I shouted, attracting his attention, “car!” I grabbed Joe by the arm and started running for it. The zombies hadn’t come up that far yet, and it was a risk running straight into the line of fire, but they had more important things to be worrying about by then.

Rayn followed us, throwing himself in the back of the car, sitting behind Joe, his eyes wide and terrified. There was only one way out of this, and that was through the horde running towards us. We were totally surrounded.

The tires screamed against the asphalt, struggling to grip as I stamped on the gas pedal hard. We shot forwards, straight into the mass of rotting bodies before us. It was like hitting a fleshy wall. They dented the front of the car as I smashed into them. My heart was in my throat. I had no idea if we’d be able to get out of this, but it was the /only/ way we were ever going to get out of there in one piece.

Rayn was crying behind us, scared shitless by the things hitting the windows. Joe’s face was white as a sheet and my knuckles matched it from how hard I was holding the steering wheel.

The car was bouncing and jerking around as it pulled bodies underneath it. The steering wheel kept trying to pull itself out of my grip and I was fighting the car for control as much as I was trying to get us out of there.

It felt like we spent an eternity just slamming into body after body after body. It went on for fucking ever.

And then we reached the end. I let out a huge breath I’d been holding in and floored the gas again, speeding us away from that horde and away from that city.

It took me a good ten minutes after we’d left Atlanta behind us for me to notice that Rayn was still crying, clutching at his arm. Please god, no. No.

I braked hard, throwing us all forward. I pulled the handbrake up sharply, barely getting it in place before I was climbing into the back, ripping Rayn’s sleeve off.

Blood dribbled down from a huge set of teeth marks that seemed impossibly big on his skinny little arm.

“No, no,” I pulled my shirt off, trying to clean up the mess. “This isn’t happening.”

“Luca, make it stop,” Rayn screamed at me, “make it stop make it stop!”

“Cure,” I looked around for my bag, “the cure, it has to be a cure now,” I pulled it open, grabbing my last clean needle. My hands were shaking too much as I tore the wrapper off of it. I pulled out my belt and tried to get a vein to stick out. The second one was close enough to the surface, I stuck the needle in, pulling out as much of my blood as I could with it. This had to work. It couldn’t not work. I’d been scratched and I was still okay. I mean, cutting it out probably didn’t catch it all anyway, it was just stupid to think it could’ve done. So it had to be a cure. Or something. It had to be.

It felt like it was taking too long. Every second it took to fill the syringe was a second I was wasting. As soon as it was full, I pulled it out, ignoring the pain from pulling it too fast. I stuck it straight in his neck, telling him it was going to be okay because I had that cure inside of me didn’t I, and that it would work, and that I was sorry for hurting him. Apologies had never come out of my mouth as easily as they did then. I was sorry for not protecting him, I was sorry for making them leave the army base, I was sorry for abandoning him to his dad when we were kids. I was sorry for fucking everything.

I pumped another couple of syringes of my blood into him but I could feel his temperature rising in spite of my efforts.

“I don’t want to,” Rayn wailed, grabbing at me, “I don’t want to, don’t make me.” I pulled him up for a hug, one of those tight, rib crushing ones. He clung onto me just as tightly.

“I’m not. You’re not allowed to die, okay? You and me we’re gonna live forever, remember?” he nodded. He’d said it to me once, off his face on ecstasy. He’d danced over to me and jumped on my back, clinging like a monkey and shouted in my ear that we were gonna live forever. He had to live.

He had to. 

The End

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