Joe: Petrol/Gas stationMature

Word Count: 619

‘I spot a petrol station.’

I was playing a mental game with myself, to see who’d spot the building first. Seeing as none of us had spoken since I asked Cancer how he was, I had to have some way to occupy myself. We saw a couple of buildings, none what we were looking for.

A couple of hundred yards away though, I could see a large oval shape with the words “Stop n Fill” and a small picture of a car engraved on it, so I assumed it was where we needed to be. Sure enough, as we approached I saw about four smaller stations each filled with petrol and diesel. I unscrewed the lids off both of the cans and started to make my way over to one when I spotted a sign indicating refreshments were inside.

‘Should be bother checking around or should we just get the petrol and go?’

Cancer followed my line of sight. ‘We could do with some more water.’ He headed straight for the door without a second thought. I was thrown off for a couple of seconds, used to being cautious so when I saw the movements inside I nearly screamed out for him to wait. That would only attract them. I had to use my quiet voice.

‘Wait!’ I pulled my gun upwards.

Cancer walked straight in anyway with his knife ready.

I was torn between waiting where I was or following him inside. Knowing that I couldn’t exactly leave him to deal with them on his own, I ran in after him.

The lights had gone out in here but there was enough from outside to display our surroundings. Five or six desecrated zombies turned towards the sound we were making. I shot the one nearest to me in the head. Cancer was working off some anger, just stabbing them in the head when they lunged for him. He was making his way over to the fridge, where the water lay.

I dispatched another couple of zombies with relative ease before a crash claimed my attention. Cancer had been toppled by one of the walkers, his knife thrown from his hand in the fall.

I immediately aimed my gun at the zombie on top of him when another grabbed my arm and pulled it towards its mouth. I cried out loud, panicking and shot it through the chest. It didn’t kill it, of course, but it threw it back a few steps. I took this opportunity to put a bullet through its head.

I could hear Cancer struggling to keep the snapping jaws at bay and knew it was just a matter of time before he was bitten.

‘For fuck’s sake,’ I growled as another walker lunged for me. I kicked it backwards and shot it.

Running over towards Cancer, I noticed his arm buckling. It gave way and the head lunged towards him. I prayed my aim was right and pulled the trigger, hoping for the best.

A loud resonating bang filled the small space around us and the creature fell forwards.

Cancer shoved it off, covered in its guts and mumbled a thank you. He went back to reaching for the water, acting like nothing had happened, like he hadn’t almost been eaten alive. I stared at him, shocked. I knew I was gonna have to talk to Rayn when we got back, maybe he’d know how to handle this.

Cancer flicked a bit of brain off his shirt and packed the water bottles in the rucksack. ‘Are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna get some fucking gas?’

I frowned at him, annoyed and skulked off outside muttering ‘You’re welcome.’

What an ungrateful ass.

The End

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