Joe: Saving Private CancerMature

Word Count: 1,248

I had never seen Rayn run so fast.

In a matter of seconds he had crossed the camp and made his way over to me. None of the guards so much as batted an eyelid .It made me feel like my highly secret escape tactic had been totally unnecessary. The soldiers couldn’t see me though; I was completely obscured from their vision by Rayn’s body which was now pressed up against the fence like some sort of manic child.

‘Joe where have you been?’

‘I’ve been in the other camp.’

‘How did you get out?’

‘Someone helped me, I’ll explain everything later we don’t have a lot of time. We gotta get out of here.’

My words went right over his head. ‘Have you seen Cancer?’ He bit his lip in worry.

I shook my head. ‘Not since we were brought in. I tried finding you two in the lab but they got me before I could.’

I was trying to find a way back into the lab without getting caught. We needed to be smart about this; we couldn’t just wander in there.

Rayn pointed to an entrance that I could get to now I was on the outside.

‘They’ll reach me before I make it to him. We need a plan.’

‘I could sneak in and try to distract them?’

Rayn was small enough to sneak in, there was a good chance this could go in our favour if we did it right. I watched him slip past the guards easily, using his height and small build to his advantage. I wasted no time, sprinting up the concrete path and into the door that he had pointed out for me. The door, surprisingly, was unlocked. One of the first obstacles was out of the way but compared to what was next it was like jumping a small stream only to be faced with the sea.

I was in a different section of the lab than what I had been in earlier and was thrown off. How the hell was I going to find him in this maze?

‘Where is he?!’

I grinned. God bless you Rayn.

I followed his voice as it took me down a long stretch of hallway with closed doors either side. The lighting was dim, just like before, and the same strong chemical smell invaded my senses. I could be spotted any time, and if I was I’d let us all down.

Rayn continued shouting, kicking up a fuss and I willed him to carry on. The sounds of heavy footsteps had me suddenly duck down behind a nearby desk, which happened to be abandoned. Luck was on my side so far and I hoped it would continue.

Whoever it was, passed straight by me without noticing where I sat crouched, trying to make myself as small as possible. It didn’t help that I was lanky.

I waited a few seconds before peeking my head over the desk. The coast was clear. I couldn’t hear Rayn’s voice anymore though; I really had to hurry up.

Rounding the corner, I expected to be faced with disappointment but was instead faced with roughly ten doors, each with a small square window on it. My heart leaped, but I didn’t allow myself to get carried away with it. I still had to find which room was his and preferably before someone returned. The pain in my leg had grown to a dull ache and I was able to walk a little easier.

The first room was empty, just an unmade bed and an IV rail.

The second room was an office of some sort; a tidy desk, a computer and a phone attached to the wall. Not what I was looking for. I quickened my pace, allowed myself only one second per room so I could determine whether Cancer was in them or not.

As luck would have it, he was in the last room that I checked. No one was guarding the door, but it was locked.

‘God dammit!’ I muttered. I knocked on the window and Cancer looked up.

His face was a mask of surprise when he saw me.


I couldn’t hear him speak the words; I could only see him mouth them.

‘Keys?’ I demanded, frantically.

He shrugged his shoulders helplessly. The nurse probably had them. Maybe there was a spare set in the office…

I ran back up the corridor, almost cried with relief when the office door swung open without a problem and immediately began rooting through the draws. I flung papers in the air, shoved trays onto the floor, practically turned the place upside down. I was certainly going to attract the wrong kind of attention if I was to continue being so loud.

‘Where are the god damn keys?’

They weren’t any to be found and our chances were starting to look a hell of a lot slimmer.

Something caught my eye; a small metal box that had been pushed to the floor in my haste. I picked it up and shook it.


The keys fell out and I ran back to Cancer’s room.There was number of keys, all looking identical and the only thing that distinguished those from each other were the small numbers written in black marker on a bit of white paper which was stuck to the metal part.

Cancer’s room was number 10.

I picked the tenth key and shoved it into the lock.

The door fell open and I grinned, ecstatic. We had done it, finally!

‘Joe how the hell did you get in here?’

‘We don’t have time for that; we need to get you out of here, fast. Can you walk?’

‘Yeah, just about.’

‘You’re gonna have to be quiet though.’

Cancer grabbed his clothes from one of the draws in his room and pulled them on. I kept a watch in the corridor. How was Rayn keeping them away for so long?

When he was ready, I gestured with my hand for him to follow.

‘This way,’ I led the way back down the corridor.

For a long while there was nothing but the sound of our footsteps and panicked heartbeats. I could hear mine, anyway.

A loud exclamation coming from where we had been only moments before had us sprinting.


Suddenly, we weren’t the only ones running. We were being followed and no doubt we were going to be vastly outnumbered. I prayed that Rayn was waiting with the car ready.

Once outside, I didn’t even register the brightness and squinted while I ran. People were gathered up against their fences, wondering what the commotion was. I ran down the concrete path as fast as I could, checking behind me to make sure that Cancer was keeping up. His steps were haggard and slightly swayed but he was running okay.


I heard Robby shout. Whirling round, I shouted back at her.

‘Thank you!’

‘Good luck!’ she grinned at me.

I pulled Cancer’s arm as I saw several guards pouring out of the building and more trying to unlock the gates to the camp.

Just a little bit further and we’d be safe.

Rayn was waiting just ahead with the doors open and the car engine running.

‘Get in!’ he shouted.

I pushed Cancer into the back seat and slammed the door shut after him. Getting into the passenger seat, I was thrown backwards as Rayn floored it.

We had made it.

The End

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