Looking for someone, The EndMature

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The others were alerted to the sounds of her screaming for help.

Nathan was the first out of the shop, the first to witness what had happened. Greg was the one who acted the quickest though. In one fluid motion he had produced his knife and buried it deep within the creature’s skull. It fell to the ground with a wet thud. The woman lay there, shivering and crying, blood pooling out of her neck.

They carried her back into the store and applied bandages. She wasn’t going to make it though, that much was obvious to all of them.

The wound wasn’t deep at all; in fact the teeth had only just pierced the skin by a few centimetres. Nevertheless it would have the same effect than if the skin had torn the flesh away from her throat. She had been bitten, she had been infected and she would die.

They stayed with her during whilst the thought processed, but she had a pretty hard time of sitting still.

‘I need to find my son,’ she was more determined to do so.

Greg and Nathan knew this wasn’t possible. They didn’t have the heart to voice it though. Let the woman try if she wanted.

She said goodbye to them for a final time, thanked them and ran out onto the streets. She checked houses, shops and every road possible. She hid from the creatures that roamed the streets and managed to do so successfully as she searched for her son. By the time the virus had mutated fully and she was at deaths door, she was back at the hotel where she had started. She staggered up the steps with difficulty, falling into the walls and trying desperately to stay conscious. She needed to do one last thing before she died.

Once she was in Room 84 for the last time, something caused her to halt in her steps. Joe’s stuff, all of it was gone.

She felt hope stir within her, he was still alive! Would he be back?

Rifling through the drawers until she found what she needed, she put pen to paper and wrote.

My darling Joe

I hope that wherever you are, you are safe. Do not be scared, please. I know you are strong enough to survive this. Your father and I, unfortunately, were not. Don’t spend your life mourning for us though, it was quick and we have had no regrets. You have always been the light of our lives and this has never changed.

She stopped writing, feeling the tears in her eyes. How could she guarantee that he would even see this? Was she wasting her time? Regardless, she continued.

You had a tough time at school, of course your father and I knew about this. I just wish we could have done something to prevent it. Use this Joe, use this experience to mould you into a person adapted for this world. Use the harshness as a fuel to fight for life. It’s a precious thing, something many of us take for granted. Don’t do this Joe, I want you to live but I want you to feel yourself doing so.

I love you so much.

All my love, Mum

She folded the letter up carefully and left it on the pillow of Joe’s bed. She knew he would never see it, but it felt like closure for her, like she was getting all the things she needed to off her chest. He was so young and innocent, she hoped that people wouldn't take advantage of this fact. Would he still be with the man who was shooting up in the hotel on the night of David's death?

Oh David, she thought. I'm coming to join you. I hope you're waiting.

Out of nowhere, a bolt of pain shot through her body and she jerked backwards, collapsing onto her knees. The pain echoed throughout, she felt the virus cling on to every cell of her body, plague her brain and change her. She lay gasping on the hotel room floor, thoughts and emotions flooded her before she could no longer focus on anything but the pain.

She died minutes later, seeing Joe and David's smiling faces in her head for the very last time.

The End

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