Joe: RestrainedMature

Word Count: 1,004

‘Calm down Joe, throwing a tantrum isn’t going to get you anywhere.’ Robby was getting more and more exasperated by the minute and I was just getting angrier with every word that she spoke.

‘DON’T tell me to calm down!’ I shouted. ‘Calming down won’t do anything! I need some answers.’

She put her hand on my arm and I threw it off. I shoved her against the wall, trying to be gentle about it. That attracted the attention of a few people nearby. Not the people I needed through. I got right up close to her and carried on shouting in her face.

She tried pushing me away and I automatically obliged. I felt too rude shouting at her. Her eyes told me everything I needed to know though: she was okay and I needed to carry on making a scene.

‘Get off me!’

‘I’ll get off you when you tell me what I need to know!’

Off the top of my head, I couldn’t really think what to say. I hoped I wasn’t repeating myself too much.

The crowd round the soldiers had begun to lose interest in their riot and were instead casting glances over to the two of us. Maybe fights were unheard of in a camp like this, although I doubted it. When you have lots of different people together, personalities clashed and arguments followed.

‘I’ve told you, I don’t know, you’re gonna have to ask one of them!’ Robby nodded in the soldier’s direction, eyes wide with what I hoped was fake fear. She was a pretty good actress.

‘Get off her!’ Someone came running over to me and tackled me to the floor.

It was Riley, Robby’s sister.

I pushed Riley off me with ease and stood up. Robby grabbed her sister’s wrist and pulled her back. I was going to get a reputation for hitting girls if someone didn’t intervene. This was not even remotely who I was but drastic times call for drastic measures.

Finally one of the soldiers came over. He tried restraining me but I was too angry and het up and I managed to land a solid punch right in his jaw. Not even thinking about the shock at what I had done or the pain in my hand I made a run once again for the lab doors.
I realized how bat shit crazy I looked but I didn’t care.

I certainly wasn’t expecting in a million years for the doors to open as I approached them. I halted suddenly, expecting Cancer or Rayn to come through. Instead, it was one of the nurses. The frustration tipped over then and I shoved past her straight into the lab, ignoring the protests behind me. The inside was darker and it took me several seconds to get adjusted. It had a strong chemical smell that made my eyes water and it suddenly occurred to me what a danger I was coming in here with no form of medical protection on me whatsoever.

I could be contaminating god knows what.

The doors behind me opened again as several soldiers poured in. I took a sharp turn to the right and ran like my life depended on it. I started shouting names, listening for any responses.

‘Cancer?! Rayn!’

One of people grabbed the back of my shirt and pulled me backwards. I let out a startled cry as I fell.

Immediately I was restrained, my arms being pinned behind my back . I squirmed and stuggled, to no avail. I was becoming hysterical, a small part of me knew this, but the larger part of my mind didn't allow it to stop. I was screaming at the top of my lungs, trying to escape their grip and everything bubbled over.

Something sharp spiked into my neck and I let out another panicked cry.

'It's just a mild sedative Joe, just to calm you down,' I heard one of the nurses say.

I collapsed to the floor before the blackness enveloped me whole.

When I woke, my head felt like it had been stuffed with cotton wool and my throat was dry. My limbs felt heavy and for a long while I could only lay there staring at the ceiling, trying to make sense of the jumbled mess my mind had transformed into. I couldn't really justify my actions and felt humiliation when I recounted them. What had I done? That was not like me at all.

I put it down to the stress of these last few weeks and feeling completely alone in a camp full of strangers. I would have to thank Robby later though, I couldn't have done without her help.

I told myself that I needed to get up and apologize.

I couldn't move though, something was keeping me pinned to the bed. At first, I thought it was just the after effect of the sedative, but when I looked down I noticed leather straps that kept me in place. It was one of those special beds they kept in asylums or something, for loony people. Was I considered crazy? It wouldn't really surprise me if I was. Maybe I had lost my way a little bit.

I was too stressed, not built for a world like this. It felt like every day that passed was another day closer to losing my sanity altogether. 

I lay there for what felt like hours, drifting in and out of consciousness. I never dreamed, I was just faced with blackness.

Someone eventually came into my room. It was the same nurse that had done the blood test on us earlier.

'Joe,' she smiled warmly. 'How are you feeling?'

'Are the straps really necessary?' I muttered, embarrassed.

'They're for your own safety. You caused quite a scene earlier.'

'That's because nobody was giving me any answers.'

'Cancer and Rayn are fine,' she said, seeing right through me. 'They're in separate camps at the minute.'

I stared at her, knowing that wasn't going to go down well at all.

The End

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