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I was sitting down on one of the plastic chairs on the outskirts of the camp when I noticed some commotion just ahead.

There was a small group of people talking to one of the army guys. Their hand gestures and facial expressions told me they were obviously upset about something. That’s all we needed, a riot. If anything kicked off I wasn’t staying to see it through.

More people joined the group and eventually a couple more soldiers came in to try and calm them down. My interest perked up and I stood to see if I could eavesdrop at all.

It was at the other end of the camp and by the time I had arrived several people were being restrained and more people had joined.

'You've found a cure why aren't you using it?!' one demanded.

'We haven't determined yet whether or not it IS a cure,' the soldier replied, getting impatient.

'Well when are you gonna know?'

'This is bullshit!' another man shouted.

'They're keeping things from us!'

'We're being lied to!'

A cure? It had to be Cancer... If the people found out that it was him that was possibly carrying a cure he'd be the most sought after person on the planet. I hoped he was safe inside the lab.

'What have the people from the other camp said?'

Other camp?

I spotted Robby and went over to her. 'What do they mean other camp?'

'This isn't the only camp they have,' she replied, trying to see past the heads of the people who were crowded round the soldiers.

'There's more?'

'Yeah, I think there's three of them in total. They can't fit us all into one camp, we wouldn't fit.'

That meant there were more survivors than I thought. Maybe the apocalypse wasn't as bad as all that... But then if there were other camps that also meant that Cancer and Rayn could be in there right now.

I pushed past the crowd of people and started to make my way to the lab. The soldiers were too preoccupied with the mini riot that was occurring to notice me slip past them. The lab door was just a few metres away and I actually got as far as opening it before a heavy hand clamped me on the shoulder and pulled me backwards.

'You can't go in there, kid,' one of the soldiers told me. He started to move me back into the camp but I slipped underneath his arm and ran for it. I didn't know what I was hoping to achieve but I needed to warn Cancer that people would be after him if they knew what was in his blood. I flung myself against the door and tried opening it, but it was locked.


The same soldier grabbed me and yanked me backwards again. 'I said you can't go in there!'

'Get off me.' I shrugged out of his grip and stormed off, angry at everything.

I didn’t know where I was going but I was beginning to get slightly worried at the fact that neither Cancer nor Rayn had shown their faces yet. What was happening? The worst possible thoughts were running through my mind, the worst being that they had been killed. I had absolutely no idea what I would do if that was the case, I wasn’t even sure I would want to carry on. I would have lost too many people that I cared about.

Don’t be so pessimistic Joe.

I’m sorry; I can’t help it, given everything that’s happened.

Bad things have happened to everyone but don’t let it consume you. You’ll go insane otherwise. Be strong.

Easier said than done.

Now I was having conversations with myself; I was pretty sure the insanity had reached me already. I paced the grounds impatiently, ignoring the loud protests and the soldier’s threats of using force to contain them. With each step I took, my eyes went back to the lab doors, waiting for them to open. They never did though.

I was getting more and more frustrated by the minute, more and more panicked.

‘Do you want a drink of water or something?’ Robby made me jump.

‘No,’ I shook my head vigorously.

‘It might calm you down.’

‘I don’t want to calm down! I want to know what the hell is going on!’

‘You’re not going to find out by shouting,’ she smiled gently.

She was wrong, if I created enough of a scene they’d have to do something. Creating a scene wasn’t really in my nature though; I was more into sitting back and watching everything unfold before me. I’d have to change tactics though if I wanted some answers.

I looked at Robby and said seriously: ‘I need you to help me with something.’


‘I’m going to create a scene. I need you to play along.’

Her eyes lit up. ‘I used to do Drama at high school before this.’

‘Are you up for it?’

She nodded enthusiastically and I looked back at the soldiers.

The End

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