Luca: Blood SamplesMature

Word Count: 617


The soldiers noticed us and four of them halted us, guns at the ready as they ordered us to get out of the car, waking Joe up in the process. They demanded to know if any of us had been bitten or scratched in any way.

When they saw my arm, they submitted me to a blood test and locked us in rooms they had set up as quarantine, separately. Rayn wasn’t best pleased about this arrangement, and was very vocal about it. He nagged and threatened them but they wouldn’t let him stay in my room. It was more like a cell with medical shit in it. I felt way too much like I was back in that hospital.

In my half asleep state, I told them to just let him have his way because he wouldn’t give up – we hadn’t even asked them to take us in, we just weren’t in any state to be arguing with them about it. Joe’s birthday had been fun, but it’d been a long day and we were all too tired.

I couldn’t hear if Joe was arguing, Rayn’s room was between us and all I could hear was Rayn banging on his door, shouting.

“He really isn’t going to stop, y’know,” I told the woman trying to find a vein to take a blood sample from.

“Once we establish none of you are infected, we can move you into a compound we’ve set up for survivors, if you like. This is just a precaution, you understand,” she said. Her words were going in one ear and going straight out of the other, if I’m honest, but I did my best to pay attention. “We want to rebuild America and limit the damage as much as we possibly can – though I have to admit things haven’t been looking good lately. You’re the first people we’ve seen in days.”

“What if we don’t want to stay? Or if it turns out one of us is infected?” I grumbled.

“If you don’t want to stay, I guess we can’t force you, but the offer’s there,” she said, avoiding my last question.

“And if we’re infected you’ll kill us. Got it,” I nodded.

“It’s not worth the risk of letting you run around. If you’re infected and we let you go, you might turn nearby and pose a threat to the camp here.”

“We could be fifty miles from here by now.”

“It’s just our orders, Mr…?”


“Interesting name,” she pursed her lips, not looking impressed with it. She was still struggling to find a vein. “You’ve not left us much to work with here,” she said, trying to make her tone light.

“Give me a hit and I’ll take my own fucking blood sample,” I told her. She didn’t agree to that one either. Rayn had stopped shouting and slamming against his door, at last. All I could hear was him crying, now. “Or let Rayn in here. You’ve upset him now.” If I was capable of moving, I’d have made more of a dent in the door than Rayn had by now. That or there’d be a dent in this bitch’s head.

“We can’t allow that either,” she gave me this little smile. “Not until I’ve analyzed all your blood samples.”

It took her long enough, but at long fucking last she got a vial of my blood out of me and left me in my room to listen to Rayn switch between crying and hammering on his door. It didn’t take too long for me to end up falling asleep on the chair where she’d left me, leaving the room and soldiers standing outside my door behind. 

The End

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