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After bowling we moved onto the arcade section. Cancer had managed to get his hands on one of the staff’s ID and got us each a massive handful of coins. We couldn’t be too loud though, for obvious reasons. We stayed in the arcades for half an hour or so before I got a little bored of it. I had had quite a good day though.

We were in the car again, Cancer in the driver’s seat when Rayn suddenly piped up.

‘What about cake?’

‘Where are we gonna find some cake?’ I asked a little hopeful. Maybe a cake would add to the unusually normal manner of the day.

‘A bakery? Even if they’re all bad the stuff to make one won’t be. We could make one.’

I smiled. I liked that idea.

Cancer shrugged. ‘Why not? Let’s get going.’ He stepped on the gas as we weaved through the small town looking for a bakery. The place wasn’t too infested, a little deserted if anything. It was unusual. The bakery was in the centre of town set amongst various other shops. Bits of newspaper fluttered along the concrete caught in a light breeze and somewhere nearby a crow gave a loud, startling caw.

‘Should I use my knife or my gun?’

‘Gun. Good practice.’ Cancer replied, getting his knife out. I wasn’t the only one with a gun though; Rayn had his.

I screwed the silencer on and made sure it was fully loaded, just as Cancer and Rayn had taught me to. Learning how to shoot was a handy skill to have in a world like this.

I waited for someone to take the lead into the building, into the unknown. Cancer stepped forward just as a zombie lurched through the doors in a staggering motion. It came towards us, surprisingly fast. Cancer gestured for me to shoot and I tried not to panic as I pulled the trigger. The bullet passed straight through its throat, blood spurting in all directions.

‘Oops,’ I muttered, aiming again. Another bullet landed directly between its eyes and it fell to the floor with a heavy thud.

Cancer patted me on the back and moved forward. I felt pleased with myself that my aim was on target and it made me feel a little more confident using the gun. That’s how we cleared the building; Cancer would draw them into my line of fire and I’d shoot them in the head. He smiled encouragingly each time and each time I pulled the trigger I felt better about myself. It was a strange way to gain some self-esteem but it worked.

After the building was fully cleared, we locked up the entrance and pulled the shutters down on the windows which were surprisingly still intact.

‘Doesn’t smell too good in here,’ I noted as we wandered into the kitchen.

Rayn started buzzing around, cleaning everything. He chucked away anything that smelled bad and bleached the cooking stuff to get rid of the risk of infection. He looked like a little bee, just flitting around moving things and getting things out of cupboards. I stood there watching, wanting to help but not really know what needed doing. Rayn told me to clean a couple of things then to look for some baking soda.

Cancer obviously knew Rayn well as he didn’t need telling at all and did things straightaway.

Rayn started shouting orders like a master chef or something. He told me to look for several things, each of which I forgot immediately. I had no experience in the kitchen and had no idea what I was looking for. There were so many cupboards too, each containing very different things; food, cutlery, weighing utensils and other various bits and pieces. I picked up a shape cutter hopeful that it was one of the things Rayn had asked me to look for but a quick shake of Cancer’s head told me to put it back down. He was getting things and putting them in front of Rayn.

‘Where the fuck is the flour?’ he demanded.

I spotted some in the cupboard I had just closed. I pulled it out and handed it over. Rayn reminded me about the baking soda and other things and told me to hurry the fuck up.

I quickened my pace. ‘Who knew you could get so serious about baking?’

‘The kitchen makes him angry. I don’t know why, I’ve never figured that one out. But he can cook, at least.’

Rayn was beginning to resemble a mad scientist in a lab, he looked completely into what he was doing.

I finally found the baking soda and passed it over. Rayn only just remembered to thank me for it.

‘I’m gonna make some French toast, want some?’ Cancer offered.

‘Yes please,’ I replied, feeling a little hungry.

He dodged various bits of kitchenware that Rayn had flying in all directions to make some toast. I gave up trying to find the other things Rayn had instructed me to, he probably worked best on his own. I stood there, waiting for Cancer to finish with the toast and watching Rayn whip up a load of ingredients.

‘What next?’ I asked.

‘We eat and try to avoid Rayn’s kitchen rage.’ He went into the shop section.

‘Do we just leave him to it?’

‘Yeah, unless you want to be hit in the face by a wooden spoon.’

‘I don’t really fancy that.’ I followed Cancer into the shop bit and sat down. He sat down next to me and we munched on the toast in silence for a few minutes. It filled my stomach nicely.

We heard Rayn raging in the kitchen. I grinned. It was quite funny to witness, just so long as I was out of the way of it all. ‘Wow.’

‘You should’ve seen him make dinner when he was on coke once,’ Cancer laughed at a distant memory. I laughed along with him.

‘It’s been a good day.’

‘Good,’ Cancer smiled.

I thanked him and continued eating the toast. After a little while I couldn’t help but ask the question that had been on my mind for several days.

‘Do you think Atlanta will be any better?’

‘It might be emptier. I think Rayn was right when he said they’d die out or move on from there since it’s where it started.’

‘What if it’s worse there?’

We had to consider that possibility.

‘Then I’ll be saying how I told you so.’

I finished eating and wiped my hands on my shirt to get rid of the greasiness. ‘Well we have to stay positive then don’t we?’

Cancer nodded. ‘I fucking hope you two are right.’

‘So do I.’

We heard more frustration coming from the kitchen, Rayn shouting something and throwing an object across the room.

‘Do you want any help Rayn?’ I called out, already knowing what the answer would be.

‘No I don’t!’ he shouted back.

I sniggered and I could see Cancer trying not to laugh.

The End

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