Luca: DrivingMature

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Just like I’d expected, Joe and Rayn were both hung over as fuck the next morning. I was up hours before the both of them, and you know how I like my sleep. I’d found a road map of America on the floor. There was a whole pile of them lying around from where everything had somehow ended up on the floor.

I drew out the route we’d taken so far, roughly, and let’s just say I wasn’t happy with how far we’d come. We had so fucking far left to go, there was no way we were going to get to Atlanta at this pace. As soon as Rayn wasn’t so hung over, we were going to drive in shifts, whether the other two liked it or not. I wasn’t allowed to pick the destination, but I was definitely going to choose how we got there. And since we were less than halfway there, I chose no stopping overnight to sleep. Sleeping can be done in a car.

My plan didn’t go well with the other two. Joe complained about having to sleep in the back of the car constantly and Rayn was too hung over to want to think about driving.

“It’s that or I leave you behind and fuck off up to Canada, okay? Your choice. Get the stuff back in the car.”

Grumpily, they helped me load up the car, neither of them in much of a mood to say anything to anyone. Rayn grabbed a few bottles of water, glaring at them like it was their fault he had such a bad headache. Both of them crawled in the back of the car and sat there whining about how shitty they were feeling every so often.

Rayn fell asleep on Joe’s shoulder after a couple hours.

We left New Mexico behind with not very much getting in our way. There were zombies wandering the highways, but at the speed I was going, they hardly had a chance to look up, let alone do anything about it. I stopped once for a piss, and once more to refill the gas tank, but other than that, the journey had suddenly become very uneventful.

It wasn’t til we had to go through a town halfway across the top of Texas that we saw anything to give us a reason to pause.

This dusty little town in the middle of fucking nowhere had somehow attracted an army base. Nothing too big, but it still had a couple of tanks, and outside of the local church, there were barricades set up around the building and its grounds. There was a crunch of bones as I ran over the first of the bodies that were spread out across my path.

I’d slowed down in shock as I’d come up to this place, wondering if there was something here that might help us, but as we looked closer, the soldiers wandering around weren’t walking with any purpose, or holding their guns.

“Shit,” Rayn breathed as he pressed his nose up against the window to get a better look.

Joe was looking out of his side of the car, horror painted on his face. I glanced over and while there were a few zombies looking our way now, that wasn’t what he was looking at, not really. It was almost a sea of bodies, and I’d just driven straight into it. I reversed away from the army barricades, swinging the car around and going back the way we had just come. I’m pretty sure the Land Rover would’ve gotten us over it, but if not all of them were dead, we’d have been in some serious shit.

I didn’t know what to say. None of us did. Me and Rayn, we’re pretty used to seeing some sick shit, but that was so far off the reservation I didn’t know where to even begin with trying to process that. It looked like nearly the whole town had been mown down before one slipped through and got at the soldiers.

Let’s just say it wasn’t good for the mood of the car. If even the army could end up falling like that… I know they had at the hospital, but I guess I hadn’t really been that bothered then – I’d been more worried about saving my own ass to care about how easily the military had died the same as everyone else. But now that thought was the one that was weighing in on everyone’s minds. If they died, what fucking chance did we have? We didn’t have any armor, or a goddamn tank to hide in. We had a glorified tin can on wheels and some guns we stole.

Our situation was just looking worse and worse, the further we got.

“This is why I wanted to go to the mountains,” I grumbled as I took us around the back of the town, not happy that we had to waste time on so many detours. I’d been driving for seven hours by this point; I was tired and in need of a hit and I needed to piss again. “Right,” I said before anyone had a chance to reply, “I’m stopping for a piss.” I pulled up on the side of the road and the other two just seemed to be relieved to get a chance to stretch their legs. 

The End

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