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Shocker, I know. Was that really the same guy back there?

Well, put it this way – if you’re what stands between me and something I want, you piss me off, or hurt Rayn (and possibly Joe), I won’t hesitate to kill you. That chick by the side of the road had never done anything to me, so why should I leave her to suffer? I didn’t like that we were wasting time, and I would rather have just put her out of her misery, but I don’t think Joe would’ve ever forgiven me.

Rayn had flicked the safety back on his gun by the time I looked up at him. There was this weird look on his face. I just got up and didn’t think much of it, but driving mostly in total silence was giving me too much room to think.

Eventually I came to the conclusion that Rayn wouldn’t normally have bothered. But I was sat right next to her. I was the first she would’ve gone for and I /think/ the shot was more for my safety than to get rid of her. I dunno. I could be wrong, but like I said, Rayn did have a weird ass expression on his face. If I wasn’t so stupid I could probably tell what it was.


“Welcome to Albuquerque,” Rayn read off a road sign as it went past us, slower than I’d like. It was getting late by the time we’d reached the city, but I didn’t want to risk speeding around a city that was probably crawling with zombies.

“I think after last time I’ll stick to driving around cities,” I muttered, not liking the look of it. I could already see the destruction from where we were. The particular road I was looking at was black with soot, half the buildings on one side burnt out and fallen in. Cars and bodies littered the road. I wish I could say all those bodies were dead.

“Agreed,” Joe said quietly, like he was worried those things would hear him all the way over there.


We holed up in a gas station not too far from the edge of the city. It was small, uncomfortable and a mess, but it was easy enough to defend and it would do for a night. We rolled the car into the forecourt, parking it right by the exit we left in case, and threw a few blankets in the back to make it look like there wasn’t much in there worth stealing.

The cash register fell to the floor with a loud crash as I shoved it off the counter, dust and money fluttering out from under it. I pushed myself up on the counter and pulled my bag up in front of me. I’d had a long day, I wanted to unwind and take the edge off. I could feel the cravings creeping up on me all day and I wasn’t in much of a position to argue with them.

“How fast do you think this thing has spread?” Joe asked after a while.

“I don’t really want to think about it,” Rayn mumbled in reply. He had that tone in his voice like he used to when he talked about his dad before I left.

Joe decided that shutting up was not, in fact, the best option he had, and carried on anyway. “Do you think it’s gone global?” I drew the hit up into a syringe and fixed on the needle. I was almost in auto pilot.

As I tightened a belt around my good arm, I replied with a muttered ‘probably’, before using my teeth to hold it.

Joe let out a sigh, “you’re really doing that now?”

I dropped the belt from between my teeth and looked over at him. “Yep. I mean, it’s up to you, really. You can deal with me having the withdrawals, or you can leave me alone,” I gave him his options and he settled with dropping it. He was silent as I pulled the belt tight again, feeling for a vein I could still inject into.

“Fucking junkie,” I heard the words leave Joe’s mouth, and for a moment, they didn’t quite register. Rayn looked at me, silently begging me not to kill him as the words sank in. My face pulled into a scowl as I looked back over at him.

“What?” my voice was low, and dangerously irritated as the leather fell from my teeth yet again.

“Don’t you think there’s more important things at the minute?” he – stupidly – faced me. “Like how the hell we’re going to survive this thing? People have died; we could be next.”

“I’ve already been scratched,” I reminded him viciously, holding up my arm to show him the long, angry looking marks on my arm. “I might not have caught it in time, I could still be infected. So yeah, I could be fucking next. If I’m gonna die, I’m gonna do it happy. Fuck you.” Tension crackled in the room. Rayn looked like he was expecting me to beat the crap out of Joe any second, and as much as I wanted to, I somehow managed to keep a cap on my temper for once. I was too tired, too drained to do more than shout and glare at him. Getting up and doing something about it was too taxing.

Joe let out this frustrated noise, knowing that he wasn’t gonna get anywhere with it. I slammed the syringe down on the counter, sliding down off it.

“There,” I snapped, “have fun when I start throwing up on you and you have to deal with it,” I growled.

“You’re gonna run out soon enough anyway, it’s better you get a head start on it,” he argued, trying to be reasonable. I wasn’t in the mood for reason. I wanted to be high. I wanted to be back in my old life where the only time I was ever in any real danger was if I got caught by the casino’s security. I disagreed with the kid, more out of spite than anything, and boy did I let him know it. “Whatever. The choice is yours. You’ll see I was right though.”

My fist met the wall with a loud crack. Before either of them could stop me, I was out of that door, letting my feet get me away from that annoying fucking child. 

The End

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