These four wallsMature

Word Count: 525

She picked another thread of cotton from her jumper, bored out of her skull. She had been hunkered down for several weeks and the thumping at the door had just become this annoying hum that she was getting used to. The gun lay on the table, fully loaded and ready for use, but she hadn't needed to use it. The house was stocked to the brim with all the necessary supplies and she was so heavily boarded up she wasn't even sure that she could leave. She had no company, just her thoughts and so spent her days pacing the house, sleeping and eating the food.

It had been two weeks since the virus had started and being a twenty three year old living in the city she got a glimpse first hand of how quickly it spread. She lived alone; she wasn't very good with company. At least she didn't have anyone that she could witness die before her. Even before the apocalypse she had no one she truly cared about. Her parents had disowned her years before and that was the last that she had heard from them. They hadn't seen or spoken to her in a little over six years. It was a stupid thing; she had plucked up the courage to tell her parents who she really was. She came out to them, expecting them to be supportive but instead they had kicked her out.

It worked in her favour though; less people to care for meant less people to watch die.
She was getting a little lonely though; she had seen the same four walls for fourteen days, five hours and twenty three minutes. Not that she was counting...

She couldn't even go out into the garden, the undead bastards were trampling all over the grass.

She eyed the gun, suddenly having the impulsive idea to end it all right here right now.

A loud bang from outside claimed her attention instead. She thought that maybe it was just one of the zombies hitting a car or something, but another one sounded and she jerked upright. It wasn't just a bang, it was the sound of gunfire.

She ran to the window and peered through the small gap in the wooden planks. The shambling figures outside immediately began to lose interest in her house and she felt herself relax for the first time. It was going to be unusual to have no more thumping at the door.

She spotted the man in the middle of the road, letting loose on all the zombies around him. What a fool, he was going to die within seconds.

He was efficient though and managed to dispatch of all the zombies that came his way, even the quicker ones. For the first time in weeks she felt hope stir within her stomach. Was she going to be able to go outside?

Before she could get her hopes too high, too many of the quicker ones came and pulled the man to the floor. The others soon descended on him. He screamed loudly and she turned away.

Nope, looked like she'd continue living in this prison.

The End

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