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Rayn was the one who had stayed the quietest during the girl's final moments but he had been the bravest when it came to her return.

A loud gunshot filled the air and she slumped for a final time, a circular red wound on her forehead. Cancer got up straight away and walked back to the car. I followed him.
He was silent, but then again, we all were. It had been a long, long day.

We carried on with the journey to Atlanta; by this point we had travelled at least a few hours and so began the normal task of looking for somewhere to rest for the night. That's all that our life would be from now on: travelling, finding somewhere safe and trying to make it through the night. It was taking its toll on all of us, there had been too much death for one day.

Where was it going to be tonight? Motel? Some dead person's house? Or maybe even another thug-filled B&B. NOWHERE was safe, I cannot stress this enough.

'I'm getting pretty tired of travelling. We've still got a long way to go,' I sighed pathetically. 'What's to say that Atlanta won't already be destroyed?'

'You're the one who wanted to go to Atlanta, I was perfectly happy with going to the mountains.'

'I don't regret the decision that we made I'm just saying that it might not be what we think it is.'

'I could have told you that from the start.'

I shut my mouth, no longer wanting to speak. When I didn't speak though, my mind wanted to take me places that I wasn't keen on visiting. It wanted to take me back to my parents, to the guy I killed, to the girl who had just died and to Harry. I think maybe I was still in shock at the fact that he had survived this length of time, that he was in America and that he had actually found me. It seemed like some sort of bad joke, that I could never get away from him. I guessed I could now though. I had Cancer to thank for that.

My opinion of him was changing each day. I still held some small form of grudge against him and Rayn for scamming my parents and I still didn't trust him completely, but if I was being honest, I was thankful. He had saved my life on numerous occasions, both him and Rayn had, and I knew that I'd be dead now if I was by myself. I would have died back at the hotel, the first night. I'd just be another corpse to add to the death toll.

Cancer hadn't even known Harry Acker and yet he beat the guy to a bloody pulp for me. I had an idea that Harry's attitude and Cancer's short temper contributed to the situation. It felt sickening thrilling that Harry got his comeuppance. If I hadn't told Cancer about the days in which Harry had tormented me, he would have most likely died a quick merciful death and I wouldn't be any better off. Every second that he was in pain though felt like payback for the pain he had put me through. Even though I wished his death itself was quick, the suffering he had beforehand felt kind of good.

I hoped I wasn't changing too much; I still wanted to keep a hold on my humanity.

The End

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