Reclaiming AmericaMature

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“I feel like we’ve gone back to our roots,” the soldier’s voice was muffled behind his protective visor.

"You what?"

"I feel like we've gone back to our roots," the soldier repeated, "you know. Like how England conqered America the first time round. It's like we're reclaiming it."

"If you say so. I dunno what we're supposed to be reclaiming, though, look at it," his friend replied. New York City was a shell of its former self. The Big Apple was rotten, festering where it had fallen.

"We're reclaiming it from the fucking virus thing they keep goin' on about," the soldier said in a tone that suggested he was stating the obvious, and that his friend was being particularly dense.

"I think it's a big fucking mistake coming here before they all die out. What the hell are we supposed to do against something you need a microscope to see?"

"The government think we can do something to contain the damage. Guess they haven't seen how bad it is here," another man piped up, flashing them both a grim smile. "They will soon enough, when they watch back what we've been recording," he said, tapping the small camera attached to his helmet. They all had them, feeding a live stream back home, when the signal would hold out. With everything abandoned and failing, their connection home was getting weaker by the minute. They'd been here a few days now. As soon as communication from the US had halted, the British government immediately planned to send troops over to help combat whatever problem it was they were having.

The last thing anyone had heard from America, was a video blog from a kid in New Jersey, sat in his room alone, crying, with pounding noises coming from his bedroom door. He spoke into the camera, telling his audience that he was about to die, that someone had to send help, to do something. The CDC had informed them that the virus was a mutant from a genetic experiment that had somehow managed to leave the lab. It was hard to kill, and because it was a virus, it mutated so quickly that a cure could never really be found for it. No one other than a few select members of the government had been allowed to see that video. They banned it and enforced a media wide blackout on all news of the virus where they could without causing a riot.

People had already started jumping to conclusions and saying that the end was nigh, that judgement day was upon them. Religion had sucked people back in as they panicked, convinced that God was angry at the entire human race for something.

The soldiers moved out to take their shift on look out at the perimeter of their base. Anything that couldn't speak was shot. There were a handful of survivors that were slowly gathering in the base. All of them had been submitted to a blood test and ruthlessly rejected if they were carrying the disease. It kept more than a few of them awake at night.

"One o'clock, we got a walker."


"Can't tell yet," the soldier speaking raised his sniper rifle, getting the figure in his sights.

"Hello?" another called out to the figure.

The End

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