Joe: ConfrontationMature

Word Count: 1,077

Everything plunged into action.

Suddenly bullets were being fired at the motel, smashing the windows. I ducked low to the floor and watched Cancer as he ran to grab the machine gun and crouch by the window, immediately starting to pick our assailants off. Rayn put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me lower to the floor, trying to keep me out of harm’s way. Fumbling desperately with my gun, trying to remember how to use it, I suddenly noticed that the front door was still wide open.

I could only imagine how much worse the danger would be if that door wasn’t shut soon. Still keeping low to the floor, I scurried forwards and threw myself against the door. It definitely needed to be barricaded though. My eyes scanned our surroundings frantically trying to look for something I could use. There was the coffee table but there was no way I was going get it over here without being shot.

Cancer seemed to know what I was thinking though. ‘Leave the door; I can shoot them if they go towards it.’

‘How many are there?’

‘I can only see four,’ Cancer replied, crouching suddenly as a bullet whizzed past his head. He was really letting loose on the machine gun, but no matter how many times he fired, there always seemed to be more bullets entering the room. Where were they all coming from?

Rayn and Cancer were working together, shooting at the men with ease. I was still on the floor by the front door, trying to not get shot but also trying to think about how to make myself useful.

A loud crash from the back door made me jump.

‘Oh for fuck’s sake,’ Cancer growled. He looked like he wanted to run and check it out but knew that if he left where he was we wouldn't make it.

‘I’ve got this,’ I said and ran through the room before I could change my mind. My gun shook in my grip and my mind was screaming at me to turn around but I ignored both of these. I couldn’t be weak for the rest of my life.

One of the guys had gone round the back and had managed to get inside. He hadn't noticed me yet; I was cowering behind the door.

Don't think about it Joe, just do it. It's either you or him. If you don't shoot then you will die. That's it.

I couldn't think about what I was doing, I couldn't. Instead, I brought my gun upwards, rounded the corner and with a yelp of panic I pulled the trigger. The bullet hit the man directly, right in his chest. He looked at me, almost surprised before dropping to the floor. I watched his lifeless body for a minute or so before closing the back door, numb.

When I went back into the main room, most of the damage had been done. The room was ripped to shreds; curtains hung in tendrils beside the non-existent window and the sofa was all destroyed from where stray bullets had hit it. I noticed that Harry was also beginning to see how the situation was going to pan out; his facade was faltering slightly and I could have sworn I detected defeat in his eyes. He noticed me come in but didn't make any sort of remark, which was surprising in itself.

When the last bullet had been fired and bodies littered the pavement outside, we all took a moment to breathe.

'Well that was refreshing,' Cancer said after a while. 'Haven't had a shoot out like that in so long.'

Rayn laughed.

'Who was at the back?'

'One of the group members. I took care of it.'

They all looked at me in surprise, even Harry. It just made me feel worse about it.

'Shit, we have company,' Rayn said. I thought he meant there were more shooters but a glance out the peephole on the door told me it was company of an entirely different kind. Dozens of zombies, no doubt milling around before the loud confrontation, were now making their way over.

Cancer immediately started shooting at the creatures, but I knew there would be too many too handle.

'I'm pretty sure we attracted every zombie within a five-mile radius. We need to leave.'

'I can see that,' Cancer growled in reply. 'Get the stuff to the fucking car.'

I found myself not wanting to use the gun again any time soon so I immediately began packing the things up, all the weapons and supplies that we had, and running through the side door that led into the garage. The car was unlocked and I piled it in, running back in for more. Rayn helped me move some stuff, stopping every now and then to help Cancer shoot.

When I went back inside to tell them everything was done, I noticed Harry looking around.

'You're leaving me here?'

I could tell he obviously wasn't too excited at the prospect of being eaten alive.

'Yep,' Cancer replied.

'Everything is packed, we need to leave NOW.'

A loud shatter from somewhere in the back only confirmed how right I was. Cancer headed straight for the car, dragging Rayn along with him.

I, on the other hand, was torn. I looked at the horde outside and back at Harry tied up on the sofa. He looked pretty beaten but I wasn't sure I could leave even a guy like him to get eaten alive. Nobody deserved that.

'Are you gonna leave me here to die?' Harry asked. He didn't sound scared, he sounded merely inquisitive.

I really didn't know what to do. I knew that any sane person would have left him there, given everything that he had done to me. This was karma taking revenge and I shouldn't get in the way of that. However, my heart was telling me to help him. I didn't want to add to the blood on my hands.

'Well I ain't gonna beg for my life. Just let this rest on your conscience.'

Before I could do anything, Cancer ran back inside and pulled me out of the motel room.
I didn't even protest.

I jumped into the back seat and got thrown against the leather as Cancer slammed the gas. We crashed through the doors, past the horde of undead that had just managed to break inside and back down the road.

The End

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