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I still couldn’t believe that Harry Acker, of all people to survive this thing, was sat right in front of me. I thought that I had left all of that behind. What are the chances of it?

Cancer had busted him up pretty well; a dislocated shoulder, a stab wound in his leg and a split lip. I noticed some bruising beginning to form around his swollen eye too. It was sickeningly pleasing seeing him in such a state. Although the pain he must have been feeling was agonizing, he never showed it. Apart from the wincing every now and then, his eyes remained fixed on me, along with that manic smile of his. I had always known he was sadistic, but it hit me now just how twisted he was. He was vastly outnumbered and yet he continued to speak.

‘I’m surprised you’re still alive,’ Harry said. ‘I’m gonna pin it down to sheer dumb luck. And the fact you have these fucking bodyguards shadowing you.’

Cancer responded with another punch.

Harry laughed once more.

‘Didn’t really take your parents long though did it?’

‘Shut up,’ I told him. ‘Don’t.’

‘Struck a nerve did I?’

I was getting pretty damn furious by this point. The word ‘furious’ actually sort of fell flat to what I was experiencing right then. It was as though the many years of abuse and torment that Harry had given me was building up within me and he was undoing the bottle of rage. I was certain he was doing it on purpose; he wanted me to flip. He revelled in it.

‘Yeah I don’t see your parents here with you.’ It was a pretty bad comeback but I just wanted to control my temper.

‘They died,’ he replied flippantly. He tried shrugging.

I stared at him in shock at his complete lack of emotion. I knew right there and then that there was nothing human about him, nothing at all. Even though Harry was crazy, his parents actually seemed like alright people. I had never met them directly, but overhearing conversations on parents evenings and stuff led me to believe they were good people. This is why I was so appalled when Harry appeared nonchalant about it.

‘How can you not grieve for them?’ I couldn’t help asking.

‘Cos I’m not weak like you Joe. You’ve always been fucking weak. Throughout high school you couldn’t even defend yourself; you just took it like a little bitch. Even now, look at you. You’re holding a knife but we all know that you won’t use it. You’re PATHETIC.’

‘I’m not pathetic,’ I shook my head. ‘I’m human.’

‘You’re fucking useless that’s what you are.’

Cancer hit him again. And again. And again. Pretty soon his eye had closed up completely and his lip had doubled in size. Blood ran down his chin, dripping onto his shirt. I watched, unable to take my eyes away. I only wished that I was strong enough to get my revenge.

Cancer beat him unconscious. His head flopped down onto his chest.

My mouth had fallen open at some point during all of this and I snapped it shut. There was silence for a good few minutes until Rayn turned to face me. He was careful not to show pity in his eyes and when he spoke he kept his tone even. Neutral, almost.

‘You okay?’

‘I’m fine,’ I nodded. I smiled at both of them, ignoring the burning pain in my chest where Harry’s words had cut like blades. My grip on the knife had gotten so strong that my knuckles turned white. I loosened my fingers and flexed them out. ‘I’m just going to give myself a minute.’

I turned round and walked back out into the courtyard, sagging down onto the brick wall. I felt like I was going to pass out any second; from the guilt, from the rage, from the shock, from the grief. I didn’t even know what it was, I couldn’t pinpoint the emotion I was feeling right then. The whole situation had taken an absolute turn for the worst as soon as Harry walked in through those doors. I had heard him say that he wasn’t alone as well, when would the others get here? Would we be outnumbered?

I trusted Cancer and Rayn could take care of themselves but the way I was going right now I’d just be lying uselessly on the ground in a heap when they tore the door down. I needed to gather myself together and calm down. It wasn’t the end of the world (well, literally I guess it was) just because Harry was here.

I had never liked violence, I hated horror films and it made me feel sick to my stomach when I witnessed it, but I didn’t try to stop Cancer from inflicting pain on Harry either. I seriously wanted Harry to suffer for what he had put me through.

When I went back inside, I was somewhat composed. My mind was still a whirlwind and my stomach was doing backflips but on the outside, I was okay. That was the important thing. Harry would feed off the weakness I displayed; he would revel in it. He always had.

He was still unconscious when I wandered back into the room. Cancer was staring at him impatiently, waiting for him to wake up. Rayn was once again stood by the window peering outside.

They both looked up as I came in.

‘We don’t have to do this,’ I said. ‘We’re endangering our lives. Maybe we should get a move on and just leave him here?’

Cancer scoffed. ‘I’m not afraid of what this kid says. You shouldn’t be either.’

‘It’s not the first time we’ve gotten ourselves out of a situation like this,’ Rayn shrugged, grinning at Cancer. They obviously had a lot of experience with this. I, on the other hand, didn’t and was completely and utterly unprepared.

‘He’s a psycho, right?’ I said.

‘You got that right,’ Rayn agreed. ‘I’ve met some pretty fucked up people but he’s just a kid and the lack of emotion is weird. It’s like there’s nothing human there.’

‘He’s always been like this,’ I told them both. ‘It’s only just now though that I realize how crazy he is.’

The End

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