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Joe crumbled and I glanced at the guy left standing. I’d only hesitated because of the way Joe reacted to the sight of this guy, and Rayn followed my lead. I didn’t need to be told who this was.

“I don’t think you’ve got much to be smiling about, do you?” I growled, moving forward. Joe stood there, frozen to the spot like something had sprung out of the ground behind him and clamped his feet to the floor. The kid’s smile didn’t falter. Maybe Joe had been right about this kid being a psycho. But then I was more than willing to give him a run for his money.

“I see you’ve made some friends,” the kid sneered. I stepped to the side, putting myself between him and Joe. My fist curled around my knife as I thought about how Joe had looked when he’d talked about his time at school. I wasn’t even aware I’d done it until my knuckles throbbing and the kid blinking in shock told me I’d just punched him in the head. I

There was a click next to my ear as the kid flicked the safety off the gun he was holding, pointed at my temple. I scowled at him. “Now that was uncalled for,” he said. I disagreed. I think it was totally called for. I stuck my gun in my pocket and used that hand to grab his wrist. He struggled against me as I forced him to point his gun away from me, somewhere at a wall behind Rayn. He let out a laugh, and turned to face Joe.

“Even now you can’t stand up for yourself. You always were pathetic.” I think I saw red for a moment as the word ‘pathetic’ came out of his mouth. Taking advantage of the fact he was turned, I yanked hard on his arm, pulling it down and away from him. His shoulder dislocated as I put my weight behind it, squelching as it popped out of its socket. I heard Joe cringing and the kid let out a loud cry of pain. Neither me or Rayn batted an eyelid. I pulled the kid’s gun out of his hand and gave it to Rayn to look after.

“Still think there’s something to smile about?” I asked him through gritted teeth.

He growled, “get the fuck off me.”

“Or what?” I mocked, “you’re gonna call your mommy and cry because the big bad man hurt your arm?”

“I’m not alone, you know,” his laughter was getting more and more manic. “They know where we are, there’ll be more to come.”

“I think I can handle your little friends. It’s you I’m interested in,” I told him.

“Oh really? Well I have no interest in you, it’s Joe that holds the interest for me,” he retored, wincing every now and then from the pain in his useless arm. He was doing a half decent job of hiding the pain, busy grinning like an insane person at Joe.

I shoved him backwards until he was stood with his legs pressed against a sofa. “Why don’t you just sit down and shut up?” I snarled at him.

Behind me, Joe was still stood there in shock, but he had finally recovered just enough to squeak out a question: “what are you even doing here?”

The kid looked up at him. “You think your parents were the only ones with a bit of cash?” I glanced around at Joe to see a frown on his face. Pain shot through his expression and the kid’s grin only widened as he saw this.

“Oh I see what happened,” he laughed, “they didn’t make it did they?” Joe stayed silent. I’d had enough of this little shit. I sunk my knife into his left leg, shoving him down on the sofa as he howled in agony like a wounded beast, clutching at his leg and the fresh hole in it. At that point, Joe left the room. I watched him leave, kinda concerned that this was gonna really knock him. Part of me wanted to just shoot him in the head and leave it at that so Joe didn’t have to deal with the asshole being here any longer, but more of me wanted to make him suffer for what he’d done to Joe. It wasn’t an unfamiliar feeling – Rayn’s dad had always made me feel like this too.

“I said sit down and shut up,” I reminded him angrily. Rayn wandered off, leaving me with the kid. I hoped he was finding something to tie the idiot up with. I never liked taking chances when it came to this sort of thing. While he was out of the room, I let loose a torrent of abuse at him. I told him he was going to pay for being such a piece of shit human being; that I’d make sure of it.

“So Joe told you about his miserable, pathetic little life, did he?”

I hit him in the face again, splitting open his lip. “Only I’m allowed to call him pathetic.” And only when he was being shit at target practice.

“This isn’t any of your business,” he spat some blood out at me.

I resisted the urge to stab him for that. “I’m making it my business.”

“So you’re going to kill me, are you?” he let his head rest on the back of the sofa as he glared up at me. “For some pathetic little nerd who can’t defend himself?”

“I think you’ve got it wrong, kid. Joe’s not the pathetic one, not really. You’re the pathetic one.” I realized what he was doing, don’t get me wrong. I’m uneducated, not stupid. He was stalling me until the others got to the motel, but he could think again if he thought it would work.

“You don’t know me,” he said, sounding like one of those whiny scene kids that always used to come to me, begging for a joint and if I can roll it for them because none of them have even ever smoked before.

I let my knife rest on his other leg, just above his knee, point down. “No, and I don’t really want to. Now me, I’m a pretty shit person, but I’ve always picked fights with people my own size. You picked on Joe. Are you that weak? That pathetic?”

He gave me this casual shrug like this happened to him all the time, ignoring the threat of the knife jabbing through his pants. “You gotta be tough to survive. Not my fault that the kid couldn’t handle himself.”

“I’d say Joe’s tough. You’re right, his parents didn’t make it, but he’s still here, he’s learning. You’re just an asshole,” I countered.

“I don’t really care what you think about me.” He looked around, trying to see past me. Instead of Joe returning, it was Rayn that bounced into his line of sight, a reel of cables in his arms. I stood back to give him some room as he skipped up to the kid, patting him down for any more weapons. He struggled against Rayn as he started to tie the kids wrists together. Rayn just ignored it, climbing on top of him the same way he does to me when I’ve lost it.

Eventually, Joe came back in, looking a bit more like he’d gotten his shit together. A knife glinted in his hand, but that didn’t bother the kid.

“Look who’s returned,” he jeered.

“Shut up,” I grunted, slamming my fist into his ribs, getting annoyed with him again. 

The End

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