Word Count: 224

She let out a stertorous gasp, her chest rising and falling in an uneven manner. She clutched the bed sheets tightly in her grip and arched her back as the pain overcame her senses. She didn’t have long left now; she could feel the disease entering every single part of her body, changing her, killing her.

She wondered what death would be like. Would she have any recollection of what would follow? It wasn’t the end, not when you died like this. There was much more to come, it’s just whether you were present for it or not that was the big question. She hoped she wasn’t, she hoped desperately that there would be peace when she stopped breathing.

She thought of the twenty three years in which she had lived on this planet. She thought of everyone she had ever talked to, every touch she had felt, every person she had loved and every scent she had smelled.

The bite on her arm grew darker and still continued to pump out blood, around the bandage that had been secured. Death by bite, what a way to go.

The last thought that she had was that she hoped it wouldn’t hurt. 

With her dark hair spilling out on the pillow around her, this is how she died.

This is also how she rose again.

The End

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