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Dear Jasmine

I’m sure by now you know what has been going on. It’s all so surreal and impossible and terrifying and I still can’t wrap my head around the events that have been going on for the past week. Yesterday, we lost another group member. He was careless and impulsive but he was young; only seventeen. We watched him die and there was nothing that we could do about it.

I do hope you’re safe, wherever you may be. I don’t know if it’s asking too much of whoever the hell is looking over us, that you at least have lived. I want you to be safe and happy, not living in constant fear of what may be round the corner.

I remember when we first met; how fragile and delicate you were. The way you stared at me with those intense blue eyes; I could get lost in them for eternity. You are still the most beautiful woman I have ever met and I am so lucky to have you in my life. I hope with all of my heart and soul that you are still alive, and someday we will meet again I can promise you that.

All my love, Nathan


Dear Mum

Who knew that I’d ever be writing a letter again? I’m so used to technology these days; a quick text and it’s done. I don’t have my phone with me though and no way of accessing the internet. Everything’s shut down in this area. I think it’s because it’s such a small town and they don’t want to take risks. The borders have been closed off; I’m living in a prison.

I have some bad news as well. Graham didn’t survive. He ran out into the open, past the border security and got shot down. It’s hideously barbaric, but remember what I said about them not wanting to take chances? He should have stayed, he would still be alive. I guess the loneliness was really getting to him. At least I have Eddie with me. He sends his love, by the way. It was in the form of a “woof” but the intention was there!

I love you Mum, I hope you’re safe wherever you may be.




I don’t have much time to write this and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there’s something you must know. This will be the last time you hear from me. The inevitable happened; I got bitten.

Stupid, right? I was fucking careless, it’s my own fault. If the films are anything to go by it’s only a matter of hours before I join those undead bastards.

Sorry for swearing so much.

I hope Paul is taking good care of you, I never liked the guy I’ll admit but he did know how to look after you. I just hope he isn’t selfish with his intentions. You’re the best sister anyone could possibly have and I want you to know that. Don’t blame yourself, this one was all me. You’re going to grow up to be an amazing young woman, I know you are.

Don’t forget me.

Love you sis, Tom X

The End

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