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4th August

I knew all that stuff on the TV was a load of rubbish. The government panicked and lied through its teeth right up til the last second. That was in America. All travel to and from there stopped a couple of weeks ago ‘just in case’, and now no one has heard from anyone there in a few days. Everyone is fearing the worst. What if it’s here now and we don’t know it yet. What’s happened in America? Will it happen to us? Are they all dead.

Christ, it’s a scary thought. Who knew something like this could happen in this day and age?

If anyone in America is still able to get online, and you’re reading this, our thoughts are with you. Mine certainly are anyway. I hope you can get through this in one piece.

Is there anyone out there that can tell us what’s going on? The British government is talking about sending a small army force out to assess the situation. Maybe they’ll send help. I hope they do.


7th August

A couple other countries have shut their borders now. None of them have said why, same as America never said why. Whatever’s going on, it’s spreading and it’s spreading fast. The British Army have flown over a few hundred men to find out what’s happening now. It was announced yesterday on the news, so it’s probably going to be tomorrow that they get there. Who knows? They might be out there already. They didn’t really say when they were going, just that it would be before the end of the week.

So you might see them real soon. They’ll be able to help you.

I hope. 

The End

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