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Once I had finished filling up all the cans and we had loaded them into the car, we were ready to go again. We needed to find somewhere to rest for the night though, the light was fading fast and the night always brought the most horrors.

I was holding the ice pack to my face whilst trying to open the packet of beef jerky that Cancer had given me. I think it was his attempt at an apology. It was plain obvious that he wasn't used to it, and almost never said the word "sorry" out loud. I wasn't sure if I wanted to forgive him straight away, maybe I was just being petty but his words had cut pretty deep and brought up a lot of memories I had been trying to squash. The guy had saved my life on numerous occasions though, so I figured I owed him that much. He caught my eye at some point in the rear view mirror and I smiled a little at him, a small shaky thing but a sign to let him know all was well. He nodded in reply.

We had only been driving for about ten minutes before we noticed a small, squat building just off the road. The lights were all out but I could make out a faint outline of a 'Motel' sign. Rayn steered the car in that direction and nobody protested to it. We were all tired and just wanted to settle down for the night I think.

The building was dark inside and silent. That was a good start.

'We need to find somewhere to park the car for the night,' Cancer stated.

He was right; we couldn't just leave petrol - or gas, as Cancer had called it - food and weapons laying around in the open. Anyone could take them. Luck was on our side tonight though; a smaller section of the building with a large garage door stood just to the right of the motel. Rayn drove right up to the doors before stopping.

Cancer got out with his gun and knife and walked straight up to the doors. I stayed in the car.

He looked around once before grabbing the handle and yanking it upwards.

Nobody was to have known really what was going to happen next. I suppose we should have been ready for it, one of us should have gone out to help him. As soon as the door was open about three figures ran out.

Rayn and I jumped out of the car at the same time and sprinted over.

One of the figures was on Cancer, its teeth snapping close to skin. Rayn grabbed one of the creatures and plunged a knife directly into its skull. Blood and brain matter coated his arm.
The other figure seemed to notice that I was there and came running towards me. I had never seen zombies run before. Although I had the gun in my hand I still wasn't confident at using it and had absolutely no time to check it was even loaded. Instead, I followed my instincts and clutched the knife hard in my hand, driving it upwards right through the zombie's chin just as it reached me. Enraged eyes stared back at me as it died for the second time.

I didn't have time to think about the fact that I had just killed my very first zombie.

My heart pounding wildly against my chest, I ran over to where Cancer and Rayn were standing. Two figures lay crumpled on the floor but Rayn's panicked expression caught my attention. He was clutching Cancer's wrist and when I finally saw what they were both looking at, I gasped out loud.

He wasn't bitten, he was scratched. Three jagged lines ran from his wrist, curving round onto his forearm. They weren't particularly deep but that's not what we were worried about.

'Is he infected?' I blurted.

Cancer glared at me. 'I'm not infected it's just a scratch.'

'How can you know that?' Rayn looked like he was going to burst out into tears.

'Remember that note?' Cancer turned to face me. I nodded suddenly.

'Yes! It said that you were the closest thing to a cure. Does that mean you're immune?'

'I don't think so,' he shook his head. 'Who knows though?' His expression was grim but he didn't look all that phased on the outside. I knew that he was being brave and stoic, but we all felt the fear and apprehension. I noticed that Rayn in particular seemed ready to crumple into a ball. I couldn't imagine how it must feel for him. I didn't really like Cancer all that much but of course I didn't want the guy to die.

I guessed only time would really tell whether or not he would make it.

The End

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