Joe: No escape routeMature

Word Count: 824

Soon enough, we were on the road to Atlanta.

We knew it was gonna be one hell of a long journey and there was always that chance we wouldn't even make it. The new world had become frightening, dangerous and completely unpredictable. Death was lurking round every corner and it was just a matter of time before you ended up as one of the hordes of undead. I think that's how I saw it. I wasn't living my life, I was surviving and just prolonging life by a few more seconds. It was inevitable though. Nobody knows what to do in a situation like this, nobody's ready for it. Sure, you may joke around that you'd love for a zombie apocalypse to happen so you get to be badass and don't have to go to work or school anymore, but in reality it's HORRIBLE. The fear is with you every step of the way; it never leaves. This is good though, because it makes you more careful. You can't afford to be a hero.

Cancer was driving like a maniac, I'd never felt so threatened in the back seat of a car. He drove round corners and down roads at a ridiculous speed and I clung desperately to the edge of the seat. Rayn seemed a little more used to his friend's driving and instead spent time staring out the window.

I had absolutely no idea what went through Cancer's head though, he was really messed up, even I could tell that. I still couldn't erase what Rayn had said from my mind, about him ready to stab the first person who woke him up. I was more than curious to know what had made him that way.

Rayn was kind of similar but at the same time different. There was something childlike about him, something innocent. It might have just been his appearance.

The car slowed right down and eventually stopped altogether.


I leaned forwards, staring out the windscreen to see what made Cancer stop. 

A massive section of the road, completely blocked off by abandoned cars, lay waiting for us. Cars upturned, windows smashed in and the metal all crumpled like paper littered the road. There was absolutely no way to get through it, none that I could see anyway.

Cancer got the car started again and slowly started to make his way around it.

'Wait,' I stopped him. 'Shouldn't we get out and assess it from a closer perspective? We could get stuck otherwise. We should decide if it's worth going around it or finding another route altogether.'

'You can get out. I'm not.'

'But you have the gun,' my voice cracked.

'Exactly,' Cancer replied, a little sadistically.

I gulped loudly, trying to remember my vow about becoming more brave and independent. I was just as capable of surviving as Cancer and Rayn and I could prove it.

'Fine, I'll be the courageous one.'

Despite my words, it was a good minute or so before I actually opened the door. Cancer and Rayn regarded me with a mixture of amusement and expectancy. I could show them.
Once I was out of the car, the fear doubled up and I suddenly wasn't feeling as brave anymore. I clutched my pathetic knife desperately and forced myself to move forwards. One foot ahead of the other, just a few more steps and I'd be at the first car.

A large tendril of smoke flew upwards from the bonnet and the heat that radiated from it made me pause. It looked like it a recent crash. Did that mean there were survivors nearby?

Or worse...

I could see nothing through the windows but that didn't mean anything. I turned back to face the Land Rover and desperately gestured for either Cancer or Rayn to come out with me. I could see Cancer say something to Rayn before he grabbed his gun and got out the car. He strode over to me, a lot braver than I was, and began to inspect the nearby cars.

I spotted a bus laying on its side and, suddenly too afraid to speak out loud, mimed that we should climb on top to get a better view. Cancer hoisted himself up easily and I tried to look for something I could use as leverage. I grabbed a hold of one of the tires and tried pulling my scrawny body upwards. Cancer's outstretched hand helped me up the rest of the way and I muttered a thanks.

We both turned to look at the scene ahead of us. I had barely registered that though when a noise inside the bus made me freeze. Cancer hadn't noticed straight away; he was too busy trying to find a route that we could get through, and so I dropped to my knees and tried peering through one of the windows.

'Er Cancer, you better check this out.' I pointed to the darkness inside

The End

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