Joe: Where the hell do we go now?Mature

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The bacon had finished cooking and we were just finishing up the last few mouthfuls of breakfast. Cancer still hadn't made an appearance though. 'He's really not waking up anytime soon is he?'

Rayn shook his head. 'Have you got anything long to prod him with?'

I thought he was joking at first, but his serious expression told me otherwise. My eyes scanned the room before they came to the mantelpiece. An iron sculpture contained a few things, presumably for the giant fire that used to burn here. 

'There's a fire poker over there?' 

Rayn stood up and picked it up. We found Cancer asleep at the bottom of the stairs and Rayn approached cautiously. I peered from round the doorway. Rayn started poking him, a little lightly at first. Cancer was deep in sleep though and Rayn had to prod a little harder, right in his shoulder. I watched, fascinated and slightly horrified as Cancer grabbed for his knife, incredibly still half asleep, and make a stabbing motion in Rayn's direction. He dodged it easily. 

'God it really is like a reflex, isn't it?' my mouth fell open.

'Just like I told you,' Rayn replied.

'I'm not a plaything,' Cancer grumbled, waking up. 'I told you not to do that just to entertain people.'

For the first time, I had to stifle a smile. The whole thing was the most entertainment I've had in a while. I think it was just Rayn and Cancer's friendship, the way it was so easy and effortless. They way they completely trusted one another.

'We made you some bacon,' I announced. 

'Good. You can stay; you'll be the kitchen pet.'

We watched him as he wandered over to where his bacon sandwich lay cold. He gulped it down in a few mouthfuls, obviously starving. He started raiding the cupboards a bit and pulled out a packet of something. 

'We need to talk about plans, what we're doing, where we're headed etc.' 

'I was thinking we should go find somewhere in the mountains and stay out of the way til it's died out,' Cancer contributed, through a mouthful of what looked like crackers. 

'But aren't you carrying the cure? Shouldn't we head some place... I don't know, scientific?' It seemed like the most plausible option at the minute. 

Cancer was so opposed to this idea. 'I was hardly the only one in that place, everyone else got bitten and died,' he scoffed. 'What's to say the same won't happen to me? I don't wanna go chasing after something that's probably not true.' 

I could see completely where he was coming from, especially after everything he'd been through at the hospital. I honestly saw no other choice though. 

‘Maybe the same will happen to you.' I shrugged, like it was no big deal. 'It’s unlikely, cos you’ve lasted this long, but we’ve got to have hope.' My lame pep talk didn't do the trick; Cancer and Rayn began squabbling like a pair of siblings about what we should do. 

'We should head for the CDC. They might have answers there and there’s likely to be less of these things that way because that’s where it all started. It’ll be where they die out the soonest, right?'

'You’re talking out of your ass again. Mountains are the best bet.'

I held my hands up, trying to be peace keeper. 'This isn't getting us anywhere. We need to decide. We can't stay here for too long.' I turned to face Cancer. 'I'm with Rayn on this one; I think the CDC is our best bet.'

Rayn grinned. 'See, Joe's on my side. He likes me most.'

Cancer just rolled his eyes. 

The End

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