Joe: On the runMature

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What the guy didn't know was that Cancer and Rayn had kept their own guns hidden and now had them trained on him.

'Put the weapon down dickhead,' Cancer growled. The stranger blinked at us all. I stood there, feeling very useless and scared. I had a knife, sure, but what use was that against guns? If it wasn't for Cancer and Rayn we'd probably all be dead on the floor right about now with strangers ransacking our car for weapons and supplies.

The stranger responded by making a move to indicate he was going to shoot; he actually turned towards me and aimed the gun at my head. A loud, resonating bang filled the air around us and I wondered briefly if I had been shot. If so, why wasn't I dead?

It wasn't until the stranger fell to the ground that I realized I had been lucky. Cancer had shot him and saved my life.

'We've really got to get you trained on how to use a gun kid. Even if you can't use one, you've gotta keep one on you. You could be dead right now. At least make it look like you know what you're doing.'

'Thanks,' I replied shakily.

The building had grown silent.

'What the fuck was that?' someone suddenly shouted.

'Now's probably the time to get going. We don't know how many of them there are.' Rayn stated the obvious. We all ran back to the car and jumped inside. I turned round to peer out the back window and saw about five guys, all with heavy muscles and guns staring at the body on the floor. Then they turned to face us.

A bullet flew past my head, shattering both the front and back windows. I ducked down behind the seat, feeling my heart jump up into my mouth.

'Fuck!' Cancer shouted, swinging the car right round. I was flown to the side and my leg went sailing up into the air. I brought it back down immediately, sure it was going to get shot. Another bullet smashed one of the back lights and this motivated Cancer to accelerate harder. We went tearing down the road, back the way we had come. I couldn't help feeling like it had been a complete waste of time. Cancer had killed a guy and we had lost two of the most crucial windows of the car, all for nothing.

Cancer kept up the sixty mile an hour speed until we had put enough distance between us and the B&B. Then he screeched to a halt.

'What the fuck just happened?' Rayn gasped.

'Joe was right. The scum of the world are surfacing. We don't just have the zombies to be wary of.'

'We need to think about getting a new car,' I chimed in.

The chill from the night made me shiver and I reached into my bag and pulled out a jacket. A photograph of my parents fluttered to the ground and I picked it up, afraid to look at it. I knew which photograph it would be. It was from my fifteenth birthday. I didn't really have a lot of friends at school and the ones I did have only tolerated me because they felt sorry for me. My parents had organized this massive party and I eventually had to spit it out that nobody would be coming. They weren't disheartened though; we had spent the day eating birthday cake and dancing to music. To anyone else, it might have been completely sad but for me it was one of the best days of my life. We all looked so happy. I was wearing a birthday badge and Dad had a silly hat on.

I stroked the photograph, wishing more than anything that we hadn't come to America at all. I wished myself back to happier times, back to my fifteenth birthday. My vision grew blurry and I wiped the tears away, frustrated at showing weakness.

Cancer and Rayn were merciful enough to pretend that they didn't notice.

'I can get a new car for us,' Cancer replied, staring out the non-existent windscreen at the road ahead. It was dark and desolate and completely terrifying. Anything could be out there.

'What do we do for the night?'

Cancer turned to his friend, wondering himself the answer to that question. I for one just wanted to sleep for all of eternity, to never wake up and face this horrible waking nightmare. I knew I had to carry on fighting though, I had to carry on being strong. If not for myself, then for my mother and father.

'We can either find somewhere to stay or travel on through the night. It's probably safer if we rest up though.'

'Where are we even going?'

Cancer shrugged. 'Stop asking me things I don't know the answer to.' He started the car up again. 'We carry on going until we can find some place relatively safe.'

The breeze coming in from both windows was surprisingly soothing and I found myself curling up in the back seat. My eyelids were heavy, each second becoming a struggle to keep them open. In the end, I gave up and told myself I was just resting them.

The End

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