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Of course I recognized the guy named Rayn. He was the other bastard who scammed my parents at the casino and the one who made me feel terrible when I confronted him about it. They had both made me and my family look like naive fools. I'd never forgive them for that, at all. But right now I was too exhausted, both emotionally and physically to really do anything about it.

Cancer drove us slowly through Sacramento, weaving round the obstacle course of cars and fallen debris. The number of zombies had definitely increased from Reno; they were everywhere. I held my breath, certain they were going to swarm us. A couple of them started to make their way over but they were slow and stupid and we had passed them before they had the chance. Cancer kept the speed low, trying to avoid the figures as they shambled into our path.

It was surreal and terrifying and every moment that passed felt like another second closer to all of our deaths.

Then something horrible happened. Cancer made a wrong turn and led us down a narrow street with a dead end. There was no room to turn around or open our doors and a quick glance behind us told us that the corpses knew this. Their interest in us piqued and they started down the street with outstretched arms and wild eyes.

'Shit,' Cancer muttered.

'Get us out of here man,' Rayn whined.

Then a couple of the fast ones broke through and they latched onto the car with a loud thud. They climbed up the boot of the car with flailing limbs and animated groans. A couple of them left a smear of blood against the class, much like the one at the warehouse had done.

They started smacking their arms and fist against the glass, trying to break through. The thudding continued onto the roof and in a matter of seconds we were surrounded by dozens of zombies.

'Cancer! Floor it!' Rayn instructed.

He did just that, he told us to hold on and he pressed the pedal all the way down to the floor. We shot backwards, hitting zombies left right and centre. The car jolted over and over as we ran them into the ground. A few of the more stubborn ones clutched on tightly but once Cancer rounded the corner, they flew off. He really sped through those streets then, realizing the danger that we were all in. Nowhere was safe from the ravenous undead. All was silent in those next few moments as he drove round corners, up winding roads and past derelict buildings.

'That was far too close,' Rayn was the first to break the silence.

We were now on the way out of Sacramento, along a highway. It was already approaching night time and it made me realize what a day it had been. It seemed like a lifetime ago that we were inside the house in Reno, not just this morning. I was tired and wanted to be by myself more than anything and I voiced my interest in finding some place to rest before deciding where to go in the morning.

We came across a sign that pointed directions to a B&B about a half mile from the road. Cancer turned off the highway and followed the road right round. I could see a rugged looking building not too far away. It looked empty, but I knew there was the dreaded task of scouting it thoroughly before we could even begin to think about settling down for the night.

The car creaked to a stop in the vast driveway and for a good ten minutes or so we sat there staring at the daunting building, silently trying to muster up the courage to go inside.

'Why don't we just sleep in the car for the night?' Rayn asked.

'Because we can't guarantee safety,' I replied, still staring at the building. The windows were dark and a few giant letters were missing from the main entrance. It read ' B d and reakf t.'

'We can't gurantee safety anywhere,' I went on. 'But this seems safer than the car option. What's to stop someone smashing in the windows while we sleep and killing us?'

'Why would they do that?' Rayn's eyebrows went up.

I shrugged. 'There are some heartless people in the world.' I looked pointedly at him, making sure he understood just exactly who I was referring to. 'Something like an apocalypse will only bring them closer to the surface. There are no authorities to stop them. Society is crumbling, people are dying.'

My eyes stung again but I wouldn't let the tears fall. I was trying to be strong.

We got out of the car and walked up to the B&B. The door was locked, but a couple of the windows were smashed in. Voices came from inside.

'Let's get out of here,' Cancer said, turning to walk away.

'And take our chances out on the road?' I said.

'It's sure as hell safer than our chances in here.'

Sure enough, a deep growl of laughter sounded from within the building. It sounded menacing and thick with peril. We all understood at the same time that we wouldn't be stopping here tonight. I turned round to leave, when a noise from behind us caught our attention.

The door swung wide open and we found ourselves staring down the barrel of a shotgun.

The End

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