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For a moment we were all stood there, brandishing our weapons and waiting for the other to make the first move. Cancer had thrust a gun into my hand and though I had absolutely no idea how to use it, I tried not to show this. I tried to look determined and confident. We were outnumbered though, as it was three against two. Technically it was three against one because I knew I wasn’t going to pull the trigger.

The warehouse was large and spacious with stacks of shelves pushed up against the deteriorating walls. There were plenty of weapons lying around, most of which was already being loaded into one of the cars that was parked towards the back of the warehouse. All movement stopped though as soon as we entered.

'Cancer,' one of the guys boomed. 'Didn't think you'd have the nerve to show your face around here again.' He was a short, stocky man with a thick moustache and slicked black hair decorated with grey at the temples. He was wearing a smart suit and had many sovereign rings. He looked like a typical mafia guy. He cocked his gun and aimed it straight at Cancer. ‘You still owe me.’

Cancer scoffed. ‘Money isn’t important anymore, not in this world Johnny. You must know that.’

‘What are a few zombies here and there? I still want my money.’

‘I want those guns,’ Cancer nodded his head in the direction of where the weapons lay.

Johnny just laughed mockingly. 'You want the guns? Why the fuck do you think that I'd even consider giving you the guns?'

I had to admit, the situation looked pretty hopeless.

Johnny took several steps forward, aiming the nozzle of his gun right between Cancer's eyes. 'In fact, why don't I just shoot you right now? You're wasting my time.'

Cancer was completely unfazed; he'd obviously been faced with the threat of death before. I admired his guts.

He blinked, staring straight at Johnny, silently challenging him.

Johnny's eyes went past Cancer though, staring at something at the entrance. His eyes widened and he growled. 'Shit.'

I followed his line of sight and felt my stomach fold in on itself.

The horde had arrived.

Suddenly bullets were flying everywhere. One whizzed past my head and I froze to the spot. Cancer shoved me forwards, pushing me into action and I turned back round, aiming the gun at the incoming zombies. My grip was shaking too hard though and even if it wasn't I wouldn't be able to shoot. I didn't know how to work the gun and it felt too much like shooting a human being.

Somewhere amidst the violence, a bullet hit Johnny and he crumpled to the ground. I turned just in time to see Cancer pulling his gun away and aiming it at the other two who were too distracted by the zombies to notice. He dispatched of them both easily and ruthlessly. Then he turned back towards the figures at the doorway. Most of them were shambling, although I could see some faster ones, almost pushing past the others, desperate to be the first ones to rip us apart.

'Joe!' Cancer shouted. 'Grab the weapons and the car!'

I had almost forgotten about the vehicle, already half loaded with weapons. I ran towards the shelves, grabbing the few remaining weapons and tried running to the car. Something grabbed my ankle though and I went flying forwards, a flare of pain shooting up my knee as it connected with the solid ground. Immediately, the thing was on me. It was half a corpse; its entrails slivering behind it like wet noodles making me almost pass out from the shock there and then.

I tried to shove it off whilst simultaneously avoiding the death bites it was trying to deliver me, its teeth coming dangerously close to my skin. My legs kicked out and my body squirmed in every angle. My fingers connected with something; a gun. Grasping hold of it like it was my only ticket out of here, I brought it with as much force as I could manage straight into the thing's skull. Bone gave way and pink brain matter oozed out like a runny egg. It gave me time though to pull myself up and run to the car with the remaining weapons. Cancer was still firing bullets left right and centre, backing his way slowly to the car. He had managed to get rid of the faster ones, leaving the shuffling ones left. I dived into the passenger seat and turned round to shout out for him.

'Oh shit,' I muttered as my gaze connected with something sitting just behind the car. The keys were on the floor and Cancer had just walked straight past them, oblivious. 'Grab the car keys!' I shouted. He didn't even notice.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Trying not to think about what I was doing, I threw the car door open and rushed past him, all the while keeping one sole focus on mind. I barely registered him shouting my name as I scooped the keys off the ground. One of the zombies grabbed my shoulder and pulled me backwards. I almost fell back onto the floor, into the desperate hands of the undead. A bullet between the zombie's eyes soon dealt with it and I started to run back to the car, pushing Cancer as I passed.

He got into the drivers seat and shoved the keys in the ignition. I practically dove into the passengers seat, pulling my door closed at the last minute just as a creature slammed into it from the side. Sagged eyes and rotting flesh stared at me through the glass; it's mouth snapping open and shut, leaving a thin trail of milky blood along the window.

Cancer got the car into reverse so fast I flew forward against my seat belt.

There was several bumps and jolts as the car sped over god knows what. I watched the zombies through the windshield all scrabbling forwards, arms outstretched towards us like they hadn't eaten in weeks.

It was unsettling to say the least.

The End

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